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Have you been served by a robot? Definite Yes

We may not realize that, we are touching and interacting with home service robots every day. When we go through the self-checkout lane at the grocery store, it is a robot to service us. When we use a ticket kiosk at the movie theater, it is a robot to service us. Even when we order a takeout, we are still interacting with a robot, different kinds.

Now, robots are being designed and even have been used to serve drinks at coffee shops, restaurant, airport or customs inspections and many other scenarios. The robot suppliers such as Pepper, Sanbot, Amy, Ubtech are leading the world robots’ development.

The companies believe that consistency with each action, along with remote ordering and personalization, will be more and more agreeable to customers. That kind of consistency can be more helpful to the service industries. It is also a good sample that robot services in a bar. MIT’s Sensable City Lab is one of the groups working to perfect the robotic bartender. The robot can not only pour an accurate drink, it can also slice a lemon and shake a cocktail shaker like any human bartender.

Maybe it is still early for a intelligent personal robot to help people with all the home work such as cleaning your home, making food or talking about love. But they can still do a lot right now, securing your house, monitoring your child’s condition at home and entertainment, etc. Masayoshi Son, the chairman of Softbank robotics, claimed that the intelligence quotient of a robot would reach 10,000 with the AI’s development, 100 times of a general IQ. That will be another kind of world and let’s just wait and see.


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