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China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 to be held in Beijing

Themed by “Intelligent Innovation, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Fusion”, China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 will be held on September 2nd in Beijing.

The goal of this conference is to promote a healthy and sustainable growth of China’s AI and robotics industries, expand cut-edge technologies, industry dynamics and enterprise experience and improve the influence of Chinese AI and Chinese intelligent robots in the world.

Artificial Intelligence is a challenging field and research in this field is especially difficult. For over half a century, people have been trying to prove theoretical theories and solving the technical difficulties of AI. In recent years, great progress has been made and new thought, now concept new theory and technology have been coming out in this field, which is becoming an important source for a new wave of science.

China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 will provide a platform for all participants to discuss how to enhance the level of independent research and development of artificial intelligence and advanced AI robot in China and practical abilities. This includes independent IT industrial systems and a basic industry capability. Promoting machine learning, intelligent manufacturing, and a Smart life are also included. The conference also focused on in-depth applications and industrial transformation in the fields of intelligent industries and National Defense Security, as well as analyzing the development trend in the industrial environments of AI and artificial intelligence robotics through intensive research. All of this is to help enterprises seize these rare development opportunities, which is helping many industries and further helping the robotics industry towards success.

The highlights of the forum were: Meeting and listening to top AI experts in person, sharing new perspectives about new technology, discussing the robotics industry and its future, AI, the development of the fusion of Big Data, research and production, well-known representatives from various enterprises, and the development and direction of “Made in China 2025.” To discuss this roadmap, 300+ robotics and AI experts shared their ideas.

Attendees included: Internet company executives, AI and robotics companies, technology specialists, entrepreneurs and other C-Level executives interested in using robotics, venture capitalists, AI consultants, technology solution providers, domestic smart equipment/robotic firms, robotics industry distributors, programmable autonomous robots /equipment integrators,  intelligent industry robot chains/ VC/ servo systems/ driver systems/ and core suppliers, well-known media channels, and local government leaders.

In the future, AI technology will further promote deep integration of similar technology, emerging technologies, and new industries, and promote the revolution of IT. The China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference extends an invitation to you and looks forward to working with you about the AI and Robotics industry for the future together, usher in the era of intelligence.


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