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Sanbot plays the role of intelligent salesperson in pharmacy

Recently, intelligent medicine sales robots appear in numerous pharmacies in China. The sales robots not only broadcast the functions of health and nutrition medicine, but also answer related health care questions and perform interactions with customers. The intelligent humanoid robots were hired by Mckin, the Chinese well-known healthy food and health care products. The robot, with model number of Sanbot Elf, is manufactured by QIHAN Technology.

Intelligent robot breaks the barriers of offline retail.

The online-to-offline shopping model is becoming general as the E-shopping becomes hotter and hotter, which pushes medicine retailers to offer door-to-door services step by step. Serious of Apps now promote that they can send the medicine with half an hour, which is more and more convenient to customers. Thus, the offline pharmacies are less competitive compared to online ones.

As the leading manufacturer of healthy food and health care products, Mckin hired artificial intelligent robots to support its sales service in the pharmacies. This helps build intelligent offline sales system and makes a whole new marketing demonstration in the intense market competition.

“The robots broadcast the advertisement of health care products and promote the functions of the products, which is more reliable than human’s promotion. Because the advanced humanoid robot gives the feeling of reliability as AI big data know much better about the using scope than human brains. Using robot to deliver product information not only eliminates the customer’s psychological repellence, but also promotes their desires to buy the products.” One product manager from Mckin introduced.

Artificial intelligence goes into pharmacy and creates new marketing model.

It was the first case that offline pharmacy introduced artificial intelligence to perform the promotion. As far as I learned, the retail promotional artificial intelligent robot is the commercial chain solution issued by QIHAN Technology.

Sanbot intelligent robot, which is used in chain business, has been introduced by supermarkets, department stores and chain convenience stores and garnered praises by a great number of retailers and customers. Retailers adopt the advanced AI robot as interactive carrier, which saves much cost compared with human labor. For the chain business, QIHAN Technology designed a leading robotics system for chain business – Multi-service Platform System. Through MPS, retailers can customize and create tasks for Sanbot on a PC, tablet or smartphone and distribute them to a fleet of Sanbots over the QIHAN cloud.

Sanbot intelligent robot used in chain business is capable of entertainment interaction, remote shop-keeping, advertising promotion, product introduction, customer reception, exhibition and more business models. Till now, the customized robot has been introduced by pharmacies in Chongqing, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Kunshan, Lanzhou, Baoji, Nanning, Luoyang and some other first or second level cities.

Commercializing intelligent robot and making businesses and customers benefit and experience the actual commercial value from commercial service robots are the business concept QIHAN Technology has been practicing. The cooperation with Mckin, which fuses artificial intelligence into medicine retail area, is another achievement of QIHAN’s “Robot plus Various Industries” strategy.


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