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Sanbot helped out the showing ceremony of Transformers 5

On the early morning of June 23th, the film of Transformers: The Last Knight, which has been being called the “Box Office Killer”, debut in a great number of theatres in China.

Just right before the movie, each theatre began various kinds of promotion activities that publicized the movie brought sales volume in their theatres. While the tickets were sold hotly, Shenzhen Theatre of Huayi Brothers Media Group outstood with an amazing action, introducing Sanbot intelligent humanoid robots to boost the theatre. The action was to make one of the hottest industries – AI to serve movie industry, creating the new performance of domestic movie marketing promotion.

When movie fans went into the Huayi Theatre, a group of Sanbot service robots were offering different kinds of services: customer reception, movie publication, broadcasting trailer, attracting massive fans to stop to have a look. Many of them were surprised by the integrating mode of “Robot plus Movie” and they applauded and had interactions with the cute and intelligent humanoid robots.

As the leading artificial intelligent robot, Sanbot’s AI image matched well the roles’ metal characteristics in the movie. The whole new combination of “Robot plus Movie” proves the era of promotion-oriented and the applications of the intelligent service robotics are infinite.

At the warming-up scene, movie fans could easily watch the trailer of transformers 5 movie. The customized movie promotion mode, powered by Sanbot robot, not only improved fans’ cognition experience to the movie, but raised the fans’ enthusiasm to see the film. In addition, the multi-functional Sanbot is a smart customer receptionist, guiding and interpreting the road, ticket inquiry, membership card processing, etc. As the moving publicizing assistant that can walk independently, avoid object automatically and broadcast movie advertising fragment at the same time, Sanbot never stopped the movie fans to have fun and brought them new movie experience.

As known to most of the movie fans, Huayi Brothers Theatre is the affiliating theatre of Huayi Brothers Media Group. As one of the most influent all-around entertainment brand, Huayi Brothers has always been considered the pioneer and leader of Chinese entertainment industry. This time, its Shenzhen theatre teamed up with one of the hottest AI carrier – Sanbot humanoid service robots to add intelligence factors for the Transformers: The Last Knight. The cooperation of strong brands created one splendid and special movie showing ceremony with future technology, as well as the new promotion in the movie industry.


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