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China Merchants Bank to be a “light bank” with the help of Sanbot

The Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch is taking off on its “light bank” track with a ceremony in Shenzhen Futian CBD (Central Business District). Many leading representatives of commercial financial institutions and Merchants Bank attended the ceremony.  Sanbot, one of the advanced humanoid robots in the world, was invited to be the greeter at the ceremony, adding new intelligent elements for the new direction of the Shenzhen CMB branch.

China Merchants Bank is the pride of Shenzhen. 30 years ago, China Merchants Bank started the trend of Chinese banks becoming joint-stock banks. The Shenzhen branch is very important and founded in 1944 and has grown at a very fast pace. Because of this, on June 20, the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch officially moved to the Shenzhen Futian CBD. The ceremony consisted of many leaders of major financial institutions, cooperative listed enterprises, and government departments, all of whom were celebrating.

Sanbot service robot was the MC, arriving early in the morning to greet over 300 guests as they arrived one by one, reminding them to sign the wall and to play videos about CMB. Sanbot played music to liven the atmosphere (The song of China Merchants Bank). Sanbot also helped people order coffee.

Now, Sanbot serves as a greeter in the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank. The financial industry will pay more and more attention to the values Sanbot brings to the table, which is not only saving the bank time but also improving customer experience. Sanbot commercial robot for sale energize “Robot plus Finance” to bring great potential commercial value to fiscal development.

First, robots can help improve the efficiency of banking operations and reducing customer waiting times. Despite the increase in the speed of banking network services in recent years, but people are still waiting for a long time before they can be helped. This leads to irritated clients.   In this scenario, the Sanbot intelligent robots can help alleviate the situation. This is done by Sanbot providing customers with guidance, helping them queue in line, help with basic banking services, which greatly reduces wait times.

Second, the robot assists the bank in marketing promotion. Sanbot has a quite few advantages over a human namely, no deviation, no emotional fluctuation, and can work 24/7. Sanbot can continue to provide face-to-face business, consulting, and guidance services to customers as well as proactively introducing the bank’s new services, great deals, credit card services and letting the customer use their phone to connect to the bank.

Finally, in addition to these advantages, Sanbot comes with security features. QIHAN has the world’s leading security technology. Sanbot advanced AI robot can be combined with the current security system of the bank in order to achieve independent patrols, avoiding obstacles, audio/visual surveillance, alarms, and a series of 3-D security functions.

The president of the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch, President Yeu, said in in his speech yesterday that the opening of the new office building in the Shenzhen branch of CMB is a new starting point, which will build towards the goal of the “light bank” that will provide quality financial services for nearly 9 million customers, over 150,000 local businesses, and the general public.

The Sanbot robot has been given the honor to be a part of China’s Shenzhen branch new journey. In the future, artificial intelligence and innovative technology will help the banks to upgrade to the next level.


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