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Intelligent robots to take great benefits to the elderly

Faced with one of the world’s largest problems, one consensus is that in the future, intelligent robots will play an increasingly important role in taking care of the elderly.

Recently, Toyota issued an intelligent robot HSR to assist the disable and elderly people with their life abilities. The users can ask the robot to pick up the stuff by app remote control or touch control; the innovation research center of Singapore Nanyang Technological University launched the robot Nadine and she can monitor the health conditions, chatting, reading books or play games; the intelligent robots for elderly are also applied widely in Europe.

Comparably, Chinese intelligent robotics enterprises have gone farther in health and elderly care industry. Care & Health, the earliest company which promotes the Robot Wisdom Endowment Platform, works through Sanbot Elf robots for the healthcare industry. Care & Heath takes the robotics in healthcare to communities, families to perform the care services, such as health condition monitoring and analysis, etc. What’s more, combining Sanbot’s powerful Cloud service platform, it can help the elderly with interrogation, doctor appointment and even with remote diagnose.

The model of  Robot Wisdom Endowment Platform, actually links two hot industries: artificial intelligence and the elderly care industry. With the support of advanced humanoid robot, combining Cloud service platform and big data, linking the super medical, elderly care and healthcare management resources, the model creates one intelligent closed service chain.

The intelligent healthcare robot of Care & Heath is further developed and customized based on Sanbot Elf intelligent robot. With the open API, Care & Heath customizes the robot and make it connective with the elderly care home management system, elderly care institution management system, healthcare management system and calling system. In addition, the customized Sanbot robot links multiple platforms to help with the community health and fitness, the elderly care at home, and recovering care service in the Sanbot supporting healthcare service center.


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