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Sanbot robot debut at Int’l tech fair, to benefit your business

The 73rd International Technical Fair kicked off here on Monday, bringing together more than 600 exhibitors from some 40 countries and regions.

The six-day event includes ten specialized exhibitions, such as artificial intelligent robotics and automation, transport and auto service equipment, power engineering and ecology, and chemical industry.

According to the organizers, 113 companies participated for the first time this year.

Meanwhile, over 40 innovations from around the world, including the Sanbot robot made by the Chinese company Qihan Technology Co, are participating in the international competition for innovative products.

Sanbot Robotic benefits to customers:

1.Sanbot facilitates processes and communication between clients and employees;

2.The commercial service robot allows employees to focus on complex business processes while serving customers for basic processes;

3.Improve customer experience with new technologies and attract their attention;

4.Cost savings.

Sanbot robotic functions:

1.Receiving customer queries, providing information and customer support;

2.Providing entertainment to keep the customer’s attention;

3.Visual identification of the customer;

4.Able to use as an alarm system for certain objects.

Emil Karanikolov, Bulgarian economy minister, said the fair was the most prestigious technological event in the Balkans.

“The participation of companies from nearly 40 countries, which exhibit not only technology and machinery, but also cutting-edge solutions for industry and the home, is a symbol of a dynamically developing economy characterized by sustainability, competitiveness and a European quality standard,” Karanikolov said.


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