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Wholesale UHF RFID Zip Tag for Warehouse

Zip Ties or RFID Cable Tie Tags have a million uses. Different counrtries have different name called, They are called cable tie,zip tie,nylon strap, wire tie ,cable organizer,cable tie fasener,tie wraps and so on.They are commonly used to bundle electrical cables, but can be used for many other things. Great for automotive uses, construction, on the farm, and should be a requirement for every tool box. Great for temporary fixes as well as permanent installations. The larger sizes are commonly used in HVAC applications and by law enforcement for temporary hand cuffs.

NFC RFID Nylon Cable Tie Tag

Product advantages:

1. Waterproof, drop resistant, anti-collision, can be used outdoors; dustproof and waterproof grade is IP65

2. Has good anti-mite function and strengthens management

3. Stable reading, convenient use, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., can be used in harsh environments

4. Can package different chips of LF/HF/UHF

5. Can use nylon, PP, ABS and plastic steel

Getting free samples,please

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