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Factory Price125khz/13.56Mhz/UHF RFID Tree Nail Tag

RFID nail tags enable RFID tagging of wooden assets and pallets for a variety of construction and transport applications.A durable fiberglass housing protects embedded electronics during installation and use. A standard drill hole allows the HID Global Nail Tag transponder to be mounted into dense materials.


First, make a hole in the wood or tree (diameter 6x40mm) Then, insert Nex-211 nail tag with a rubber plastic hammer Avoid drilling nail tag in the wood or tree directly, which will damage nail tag.

RFID Waterproof Tree Nail Tag


The RFID NAIL tag can easily, quickly and securely be mounted into pallets and containers, enabling accurate real-time tracking, and supplying organizations the data needed to optimize industrial processes, workflow and inventory management. Nail Tag are also used in forestry and research applications to tag living trees. Moisture resistance and stable performance across fluctuating temperatures ensure long-term performance.

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