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RFID Card Sticker With 3M Adhesive

RFID Card Sticker With 3M Adhesive PVC coin tag, for example stickers or wristbands, contain small microchips with little aerials which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device.The tag contains electronically stored information which can be read from up to several meters (yards) away. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not need to be within line of sight of the reader and may be embedded in the tracked object .

The RFID Card Sticker with 3M Adhesive can be installed on the pallet, the cartons, the machine etc with a nail to fix on.Several dimension options with different thickness and different hole shapes.

3M Adhesive RFID PVC Coin Tag

For outdoor application, you may consider epoxy filling to protect water. For metal condition, you may consider anti-metal layer additional to avoid the short reading distance.


* Library management

* Media and Ad

* Ticket and transportation

* Logistics

* NFC Mobile Consumption

* Electrical equipment tracking

Samples Details,please contact

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