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Elastic Waterproof Woven RFID Wristband OEM

Woven RFID Wristband,which is made of ultra-comfortable, polyester material that stretches and adjusts to wrist size. Features custom full-color dye-sublimation printing on inside and outside of band, transforming every guest’s wrist into a mini billboard. Wristband is removable, re-usable, and water-proof, making it ideal for multi-day use or season pass programs.

Woven RFID Wristband

Our fabric and woven RFID wristbands have been used by over 4 million people at festivals and events around the world. The wristbands feature an RFID tag, enabling compatibility with any RFID event solutions, including access control, cashless payments and social media integration. Along with the RFID wristbands, our RFID Smart Cards can be fully customised to suit your festival or sponsor’s brand. Available with NXP – Mifare Classic 1K, I CODE SLI or NFC embedded tag.

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Custom Kinds of Durable RFID Laundry Tag

Meihe Factory is a professional washable fabric RFID laundry tags manufacturer. Our company produces RFID laundry tags for clothes with the advantage of safe, washable, non-toxic, durable wear, green environmental protection, etc.

RFID Fabric Laundry Tag

Our laundry RFID tags can also be used in high temperature, high humidity, and high-intensity situations.

A high-quality RFID laundry tags supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust Meihe products, our RFID laundry tags include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

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RFID Access Control Hotel Key Card

Hotel key cards are used with door card readers that are installed on each door lock and can be programmed to open specific doors in defined time periods.

hotel key card

Modern hotel access management systems enable grouping the door locks with a number of users, providing access to the same group, as well as an audit trail of who opened the door and when. For instance, one group can have access to open the hotel lobby door or the staff toilets, but only within a certain period in the day.

The most likely authorized users for a personal room hotel key card are the guest and the room maintenance service.

Meihe card factory can make kinds of hotel key card ,such as adel card,ving card,Syron V10 Hotel card,many encryption card,etc.

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RFID Hotel Lock Card for Five Star Hotel

Most, if not all, guest management systems in hotels use hotel key cards. Chances are you’ve probably got a hotel key card more than once in your life to access a room.

Some hotels use access cards with magnetic strips, popularly abbreviated to ‘mag stripe cards’. Magnetic stripe cards are also known as ‘swipe cards’. But there are other alternatives to hotel access, such as proximity (RFID) cards, access cards with holes, photo ID cards, barcode cards, and smart cards.

RFID hotel lock card

All RFID hotel lock card are based on different technologies but provide more or less the same functions for door access control. Smart cards can include plenty of additional information. With a smart card, the holder can not only access his or her room, but can also use other services, such as restaurant, utility or laundry in the hotel to get a joint record of all bills at one place. This helps with the financial management and makes the user feel like a welcome guest.

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High Temperature Waterproof UHF Fabric Laundry Tag

With excellent reading performance and the highest thermal and mechanical resistance, this new UHF Fabric Laundry Tag can be inserted in to the narrow hams of garments and other kinds of textile products. These RFID Tags can be widely applied in hotel sheet/ Attached to textile/ Work clothing.

RFID Fabric Laundry Tag


This UHF Fabric Laundry Tag is very rugged and fit specifically in laundry applications with high temperature resistance and aggressive chemicals.

They can easily be integrated in clothes without giving any disturbance.


Industrial washing,

Management of uniforms,

Medical apparel management,

Military clothing management

Personnel patrol management

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NFC Ntag213 Coin PVC Tag with 3M Sticker

The NFC Coin PVC Tag is designed as a tag for the warehouse management, and property tracking, it can be install on the pallet, the cartons, the machine etc.

To handle harsh warehouse/ factory environment, the NFC coin PVC tag is optional with filling epoxy technics, it would made the tag complete water/ oil proof.The tag is also optional with anti-metal layer to mount and working on metal surface.

HF Adhesive RFID Coin Tag

The NFC coin PVC tag are available with a broad range of RFID technology, from low frequency 125KHz unique, and high frequency 13.56MHz, thus providing an optimal solution for different RFID applications.

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OEM NFC Smart Watch Type Wristband for Payment System

NFC Smart Watch,which combine the NFC Wristband +sport watch function,has many functions,can be easily used in many areas :payment,member ,ticket,transportation,etc.

RFID NFC Fitness Smart Watch

The technology is advancing at such a fast pace that the world seems smaller with each and every day. Nowadays people want to do everything with just one touch. And that’s what the NFC technology is developed for. The NFC system allows the users to do transfer their paying system into a one-step process. And as if the system was not enough, now the technology is provided in the Smart Watch to make the process easier than ever. The NFC Smart Watch is designed to allow the smart watch users to pay their bills and purchases without even accessing your card or phone.

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