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Financial Personnel should Cowork with AI and Robotics

With the rapid development of science and technology, four big accounting enterprises have introduced artificial intelligence and financial service robots, and the basic financial work will be replaced by these AI robots. In China, the Accounting Qualification Certificate which was effective has been abolished. The accounting work, which has been known as a stable accounting work, has now become a “high-risk” job.

With the introduction of AI technology into accounting, financial service robots can quickly read thousands of complex accounting documents, grab and construct text information to make better analysis. The advanced robots can replace manual operation in the financial process, manage and monitor the automated financial process, input information, consolidate data and summary statistics, and identify the optimization points in the financial process according to the established business logic. The repetitive work, with a programmable autonomous robot, can avoid and improve work efficiency. If financial personnel only have the ability of low-level financial accounts and some basic accounting work, he may be either unemployed or transform to learn to cooperate with AI.

Now a lot of financial people engaged in the basic financial work will face many problems: there are a lot of reports and data that need to be processed, and they have to stay up late to work overtime if they don’t finish it at daytime. They hope an intelligent service robot can help them with the problems, but they also fear the robots take away their jobs.

In fact, the financial service robot is a tool, which is made and used to make our work better; and of course, the robot will only take over the jobs of the low-end financial personnel. The financial people who are capable of more financial abilities, better financial management, excellent decision-making, and business understanding will be the comprehensive talents that the enterprises need. Faced with the challenge of AI and robotics going to the financial sectors, it is better to learn more accounting knowledge and skills and do more high-end management accounting work, and work together with the advanced humanoid robots to improve work efficiency and make the work better.

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Intel: The Integration of AI and SI makes robot industry burst out

Song Zhiqiang, the Dean of Intel Labs China, ILC, claimed the integration of artificial intelligence and smart interaction would make intelligent robot industry burst out. The whole article is as follows.

Today, we are embracing a new world of Internet of Everything. More and more things and equipment have achieved interconnection through network, which makes data outbreak. Data surges like a blood and has becoming the most important driving force in the technical field. Artificial intelligence, automatic drive, 5G, VR / MR and a series of forward-looking technology, give us the opportunity to fully release the potential of these data, and constantly upgrade the human life experience.

We would like to share and communicate with you about Intel’s observation of forward-looking technology, and investigate the present and the future of Internet of Everything. Let us begin from the perspective of robot and artificial intelligence to find out industry opportunities in the era of data deluge.

As the most important application area of artificial intelligence, robot has been always paid high attention. Intelligent humanoid robots appeared in Hollywood blockbuster give the public high expectations. However, the intelligent capability of real intelligent service robot is far from that in the movie. With the trend of artificial intelligence promoted by deep learning, it has become a very important issue how intelligent robot industry breaks out. I think there are two key aspects: one is the deep integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Smart Interaction (SI); the other is the security of intelligent robots. We’ll take about the security later, and now let’s focus on the integration of AI and SI.

In the academic world, AI has a commonly-used definition, is to understand the essence of intelligence, and be able to produce a kind of intelligent machine that can respond to external input, similar with human being. The ultimate goal of this discipline is to give the machine intelligent reaction capacity, so advanced AI robot can be seen as the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence.

There are two ways to understand the essence of intelligence: One is to speculate how people is thinking in an intelligent way from the observers’ behaviors by virtue of philosophical or psychological methods; the other is to cut apart human brain to check the neuro anatomical structure, and find out the laws of intelligent activities through brain activity detection technology and well-designed experiments.

We have a knowledge of intelligence (not exactly right, but at least the model comes out), but how to make the machine smart need? It needs mathematicians, computer scientists and automation experts to study thoroughly. Therefore, there are many disciplines related to artificial intelligence. Besides soft theory, models and algorithms, it also needs the practice of hardware. For example, intelligent machine needs chips to provide it with a strong computing and storage ability. In addition, advanced humanoid robot requires the technical support of complex system control, either.

In fact, this wave of artificial intelligence is also benefiting from the improvements of calculations and storage technology. ANN is to train machine with massive data, and then machine learns about the inherent laws from the data and build a model, finally, the model will help to speculate new data. This is called a machine learning process. It requires a lot of storage and computing power, but now we are living in an extraordinary appropriate era of machine learning’s big development.