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IDC: Robot is going into Intelligent Era 3.0

On July 6th, as one of the important activities organized at the same time with China International Robot Show, the Intel Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Innovative Ecosystem Summit was held in Shanghai. Intel, as well as the representatives of its partners in robot industry and robot academics, talked about the opportunity and challenges of Chinese robot industry, and points out the prospect of development of robot industry in the era of artificial intelligence. The International Data Corporate (IDC) and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) issued the white paper of Robotics 3.0 New Ecosystem in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

According to presentations, the white paper analyzes the dynamics status and development trend of Chinese intelligent robots. What’s more, the new concept of Robot 3.0 is proposed in the paper, indicating that robot is going into Intelligent Era 3.0 and the combination of artificial intelligence technology and intelligent robot will be much closer. In addition, the white paper studies the exploration of the Robotics Innovation Ecosystem, which was created by Intel and its business partners. The ecosystem is considered as one beneficial attempt to promote organic cooperation and coordinative innovation, and builds one three-dimensional, omnibearing and organic ecological innovation road.

At the summit, Intel showed its serious progresses and achievements during the processes of creating the open Robotics Innovation Ecosystem. Since its debut in July, 2016, the Robotics Innovation Ecosystem has been flourishing under the support of its robot industry partners. The ecosystem has aggregated over 1000 robot teams, 300 robot chain suppliers and more than 10,000 active users, promoting the continuous and healthy development of intelligent service robots in China and speeding up the application of artificial intelligence in advanced AI robots, The Robotics Innovation Ecosystem has been the key driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of artificial intelligent robots in China.

“Artificial intelligence is one of Intel’s strategic focuses under the background of data flood trend. As one of the leaders of artificial intelligence innovation, till now, Intel is the only company which can offer configuration and technology of terminal to terminal. Intel will take its technological advantages in artificial intelligence area to immit new energy for robotics innovation.” Song Jiqiang, the president of Intel Labs China, ILC introduced at the summit.