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How animal tags is becoming so popular?

It is a kind of marker made by using radio frequency and micro power integrated circuit technology through special packaging technology. The marker can be implanted in animal body, can also be swallowed in stomach, or hung in ear and leg. Through the identification of animals’ unique global ID numbers and the collaborative management of back-end databases, information such as birth, feeding, quarantine, veterinary drugs and nutrition can be written and read, which not only facilitates unified management, but also enables effective traceability of data. Management to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in animal groups.

Through the implementation of animal identifications, individual animals can be marked, registrations can be made at sites concerning raising, slaughter and processing, etc., and information related to animal feeding, transportation, slaughtering, processing, storage, transportation, and sales of animal products can be recorded. In the event of an outbreak or quality safety incident, it is possible to effectively track and trace the possible problems in animal husbandry and production, processing, and sales of animal products, and solve them in a timely manner.

The Ministry of Agriculture organizes relevant unit experts to systematically research relevant international organization standards and traceability systems in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, and other countries and regions, and organizes livestock and poultry signs, mobile intelligent reading equipment, wireless network data transmission, and mass data storage. As well as related software application technologies, it explored the use of mobile and intelligent reading equipment as the basis for animal and bird two-dimensional code markings to transmit data through a wireless network, store data in a central database, and record animal feeding, epidemic prevention and quarantine from birth to slaughter. The traceability system for managing and supervising work information is relatively inexpensive, safe, and quick compared to a system that has already been formed abroad. It is in line with China’s national conditions and is in line with international standards.


Product Name 1: Electronic Pigeon foot ring

Chip type: EM4001 (64Bit read-only), EM4305 (512Bit read and write)

Dimensions: 21.0mm (D) × 18.0mm (d) × 12.0mm (h)

Working frequency: 125KHZ±5KHZ, 134.2K±5KHZ

Material: ABS/TPU

Working temperature: -20°C~85°C

Storage temperature: -40°C~90°C

RFID Pigeon Foot Ring Tags

Product Name 2: Electronic Ear Tag

Chip Type: EM4305(512BIT)

Standard: ISO11784/85

Size: Male: 30(d) × 2mm(h); Female Buckle: 30(d) × 6mm(h)

Operating frequency: 134.2KHZ±5KHZ

Material: ABS/TPU

Working temperature: -20°C~85°C

Storage temperature: -40°C~90°C

RFID Animal Ear Label Tag

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