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Artificial Intelligence to Change the Hotel Services

Today, intelligent robot has been the “spokesperson”, more than the carrier of artificial intelligence. Hilton and IBM Watson conducted one test on the robot receptionist; Aloft Hotel under Starwood began using intelligent robot to deliver things for passengers; Crowne Plaza Hotel has also introduced the similar hotel service robot. Except for the reception, delivering things, weather broadcasting. The commercial humanoid robots can offer activities and promotions service for hotel.

The turnover rate in hotel industry is high, so as the training cost. Artificial intelligent going into hotel is an invertible trend. Not only the hotel service robot suppliers, but also the hotel managers and investors have realized this point. And now, there are more than 200 hotels that have introduced the artificial intelligent robot for hotel service.

“With the subversion and application of intelligent service robot and AI technology, hotel industry, as the representative area of high density service labor, will be the key area the service robot will go to.”, Xun Liang, the Secretary General of China Wisdom Hotel League, introduced.

Xun Liang told more, service robots which can be applied into hotels includes reception and guide robot, self check-in service robot, room emotional robot, autonomous delivery robot, autonomous robot security guards, vending robot, luggage fetching robot and restaurant service robot and others. Each robot owns the unique working capabilities finish their work.

Some time ago, Fliggy, the sub-rand of Alibaba Group announced it would create the artificial intelligent hotel in Hangzhou City. Till now, in some of the rooms of its High Xuan Spa Hotel have supported to control the curtain, light, TV and other devices by voice commands via the intelligent robot box “Tmall Elf One”. And passengers can call room service directly with the robot.

He Zhuangkong, the CKO of Shandong Travel Hotel Association, pointed out, “outdated ideological concept limited the AI application into hotels, and there are many hotels that have not noted the evolution of artificial intelligence. Though the investment into AI in hotels is high, the benefits to hotels are incalculable in the long term. And of course, artificial intelligence robots cannot overtake human services totally.”

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Human and robot’s cooperation to be the best in financial consultant industry

If you are one robot fan who is always caring about the robotics affairs, you must know about Alexa robot from Amazon. Right now, this robot is playing the role of consultant for customers in UBS Group AG in Switzerland. With this progress, Alexa may make the appointments, analysis the stock and even invest into stock.

In recent years, robot consultant is becoming one kind of fashion. According to one investigation from CNBC, even though the consumers who use the robot consultant are limited, their interest in robot consultant is continuously growing.

As was reported from BBC, in the era of fast-developing artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence robotics is replacing human staff and going into financial department. Nowadays, the most of the transactions have been performed by robot independently in the Stock Exchange in New York and London.

Is the robot consultant just one kind of fashion? No. For individual users, robot consultant not only helps to choose and manage the balanced investment portfolio, but the cost is lower than general consultant companies. And this is one reason why the robot consultant is paid high attention to.

Of course, more enterprise clients prefer to communicate with human consultant to get the customized investment idea. Because they don’t think it reassuring to hand high amounts to the robot consultant. What’s more, the human consultant is able to give more proper ideas to enterprise clients in deed. However, this kind of humanoid service robot can exist because most of the work has high relation to its data statistics and data analysis.

As you may know, it is not easy to make one accurate and suitable solution. It requires not only the special analysis ability and judgement, but the powerful data processing ability. For example, the data that three consultants process in one day is easily handled by AI arithmetic within one hour. That is one advantages of robot consultant.

According to incomplete statistics, in the USA, there have been more than 200 companies who are investing in the blue ocean market of robot consultant and the financial giants such as Blackrouck, Fuidlity, Vanguard and some others are among them. City Bank pointed out in one of its reports, “In the future 10 years, the capital of robot consultants probably reaches 5 trillion US dollars and it is a great piece of meat undoubtedly.

With the heat of “robot consultant is taking the place of human consultant” topic, some specialists insist in the questionable voice. James Gorman, the new “King of Wall Street” and the CEO of Morgan Stanley, pointed out, “robot consultant can only attracted part of the clients and they cannot replace all the analysts, strategist and investment consultants.”

Yes, we have to admit that, the present robot consultant cannot be called “professional”. Therefore, the combination consultant mode of human and intelligent service robot will probably be the main trend and best choice in financial consultant industry in the future years.

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China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 to be held in Beijing

Themed by “Intelligent Innovation, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Fusion”, China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 will be held on September 2nd in Beijing.

The goal of this conference is to promote a healthy and sustainable growth of China’s AI and robotics industries, expand cut-edge technologies, industry dynamics and enterprise experience and improve the influence of Chinese AI and Chinese intelligent robots in the world.

Artificial Intelligence is a challenging field and research in this field is especially difficult. For over half a century, people have been trying to prove theoretical theories and solving the technical difficulties of AI. In recent years, great progress has been made and new thought, now concept new theory and technology have been coming out in this field, which is becoming an important source for a new wave of science.

China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference 2017 will provide a platform for all participants to discuss how to enhance the level of independent research and development of artificial intelligence and advanced AI robot in China and practical abilities. This includes independent IT industrial systems and a basic industry capability. Promoting machine learning, intelligent manufacturing, and a Smart life are also included. The conference also focused on in-depth applications and industrial transformation in the fields of intelligent industries and National Defense Security, as well as analyzing the development trend in the industrial environments of AI and artificial intelligence robotics through intensive research. All of this is to help enterprises seize these rare development opportunities, which is helping many industries and further helping the robotics industry towards success.

The highlights of the forum were: Meeting and listening to top AI experts in person, sharing new perspectives about new technology, discussing the robotics industry and its future, AI, the development of the fusion of Big Data, research and production, well-known representatives from various enterprises, and the development and direction of “Made in China 2025.” To discuss this roadmap, 300+ robotics and AI experts shared their ideas.

Attendees included: Internet company executives, AI and robotics companies, technology specialists, entrepreneurs and other C-Level executives interested in using robotics, venture capitalists, AI consultants, technology solution providers, domestic smart equipment/robotic firms, robotics industry distributors, programmable autonomous robots /equipment integrators,  intelligent industry robot chains/ VC/ servo systems/ driver systems/ and core suppliers, well-known media channels, and local government leaders.

In the future, AI technology will further promote deep integration of similar technology, emerging technologies, and new industries, and promote the revolution of IT. The China Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation Conference extends an invitation to you and looks forward to working with you about the AI and Robotics industry for the future together, usher in the era of intelligence.