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Tan Jianrong was invited to be the Chief Scientist of QIHAN Technology

On July 27th, Tan Jianrong, the Academician of China Engineering Academy, Mechanical Engineering Specialist, and professor of Zhejiang University, was invited grandly to be the Chief Scientist of QIHAN Technology. The two sides would plan to begin the deep cooperation in artificial intelligence robotics, and apply to build the academician workstation to train the first-rate industrial talents, to improve the R&D ability of Chinese service robot and commercialization of cute-edge research results.

The appointment ceremony of the chief scientist was held grandly on July 27th and Mr. Lin Lvde, the CEO of QIHAN Technology issued the certificate to Tan Jianrong.

“It is one of the milestone events for QIHAN Technology to recruit Tan as the Chief Scientist and it marks the innovation development strategy of QIHAN Technology went into a whole-new historic phase in artificial intelligence.” Mr. Lin made the speech at the ceremony, “Mr. Tan will make the strategic guidance for the artificial intelligence development and make an entire guidance for the present AI technology system in QIHAN Technology. We two sides will apply to build the academician workstation together and will make a specific research cooperation plan in the key business direction of artificial intelligence.”

After receiving the certificate, Mr. Tan shared his points of views on the development of artificial intelligence too. “The development of advanced commercial robots will generate the three big trends: hard-soft fusion, virtual-real fusion and human-machine fusion. We should have to have both the hard and the soft in the development of advanced AI robot. Under the condition of intelligent hardware condition, artificial intelligence is based on the big data processing and using developed Internet to combine the local application functions, to offer real and effective commercial value for various industries.

The judgements on robotic development from Tan happen to coincide with the strategy of the development and research and commercial application of Sanbot service robot. In 2016, QIHAN Technology proposed to be the creator and leader of intelligent service robot, and has been devoted itself to building the developer ecosystem of “Robot + Various Industries”. QIHAN Technology has been integrating the technical ability and industry resources of robot developer & manufacturer and robotic solution developers to form the “Robot + Industrial App + Cloud service” three-in-one ecosystem, create multi-role robot products in various industries and offer intelligent services in the multiple scenarios.

After the appointment, TAN Jianrong will play the full role in the AI system design and R&D achievement and industry experience in intelligent manufacturing and virtual reality. He will cooperate with QIHAN R&D team deeply to improve the R&D ability of the intelligent service robotics and promote the commercialization of cut-edge achievements. In addition, the two sides will apply to build the academician workstation together to gather and train first-rate industry talents to break through technical barriers and Production-Study-Research land, to take the lead in the coming eruptible development of artificial intelligence.

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Will Boston Dynamics go well under Softbank?

It’s breaking news to most of professionals and companies in artificial intelligence and robotics area that Softbank claimed to acquire Boston Dynamics and SCHAFT from Google’s parent company Alphabet Jun. 9th, which was considered as Softbank’s great acceleration in the development of new type of intelligent robot.

As far as I know, Softbank has been majoring in humanoid robot Pepper and Nao. The Chairman and CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, orientated intelligent robot as the key area his company majors in. The stock of Softbank witnessed a 7% sharp growth, the highest point in the past 20 years after the acquisition was released.

Masayoshi Son announced artificial intelligent robot will be one of the key driving forces of next information revolution. Boston Dynamics is the leader of dynamic robot and he welcomed its joining-in, Softbank will continue to support the development of dynamic robot and explore to help people more convenient, more secure and more substantial applications.

The founder of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert approved the values Softbank brought out by using technology to benefit people. Raibert hopes he could realize the mission of advanced AI robot together with Softbank, so that the robots would create greater values to in the more intelligent and interactive future world.

Sounds the acquisition positive? Not yet. Media have different opinions, and they describes the acquisition by using the words of “Boston Dynamics finds the buyer finally”, “a burden to Softbank”, “hot potato to Softbank” and “Boston Dynamics jumps into fiery pit” and more.

It’s open to AI industry that Google’s robot item “Replicent” has been continuously turbulent and going downside since the item’s charger Andy Rubin’s resignation. The developing strategy of Boston Dynamics was much different from that of Google’s department and Boston Dynamics’ failure to push the new service robots to the markets and some other closured resulted in robot item was not considered to long-term planning.

Some professionals also think that, Boston Dynamics majors in AI and robot and so does Softbank, but their robots and robotics technologies are different. The acquisition does not strengthen the robotics technologies and the difference may add extra burden to Softbank. Regarding the acquisition, it is still a question mark that who is right or wrong and time will be the best witness.