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Wholesale Luxury Diamond Membership Card

Each diamond VIP card is our masterpiece. This process uses original imported rhinestones, with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality quality.

Craft:The gold card with diamond is made by sticking all or part of the diamond-like material on the card surface, so that the card surface looks like a diamond shining on it, and it feels strong grainy.

Customized Loyalty Diamond Card Printing

High anti-counterfeiting effect, suitable for simple, atmospheric design. The important thing is that the diamond is in the card!.Diamond-encrusted PVC diamond card produced by our patented technology, this is not an ordinary drill card, you can touch.The touch is flat, the technical content is high, and the diamond is not falling. And our diamonds are hand-made with pure imported.Grinding custom crystal diamonds, this process can be customized according to customer’s requirements with pure natural diamonds, crystals, agate and other qualities.

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