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Waterproof HF Coin PVC Tag

HF Coin PVC Tag,also named RFID disc tag,which is laminated with PVC, water-proof tag. The coin PVC RFID tag could be with adhesive back, and could be mounted on anti-metal surface. And because of our Direct Bonding technology the surface would more flatter that could have great printing performance. Silk screen and Offset printings are available upon request.The material could be transparent PVC and white PVC.

NFC RFID PVC Coin Card Tag

As the laminating process, RFID disc tag is a cheap, flexible solution with optional thinkness, read range, even material as well.

RFID HF Coin PVC Tag comes in various thickness and  may be on one side or a have a hole in the middle for easier attachment to the object. It can be ordered as 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz to be used in various applications.

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