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QIHAN Technology gained the Red Sail Concept Innovation Award

[Introduction] Last week, the Red Sail Award of the forth Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry came out. Among the 45 enterprises who gained the awards, QIHAN Technology, thanks to the advanced design of Sanbot intelligent humanoid robot, gained the Concept Innovation Prize at the event.

On July 27th, 2017, all the award winning enterprises of the Red Sail Award gathered together at the Night of EeIE2017 Innovation Achievements & the forth Industry Design Red Sail Award ceremony in the Shenzhen Civil Center. As the leader of artificial intelligence, QIHAN Technology was invited to the event grandly and gained the Concept Innovation Prize of the forth industry design Red Sail Award.

The appraisal and selection of industry design Red Sail Award was held by Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association and Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association and undertaken by New Wisdom Media Institute. The competition is aimed to improve the entire innovation level of Shenzhen electronics and intelligent manufacturing industry design and to achieve the leap-type transformation from “Made in China” to “Made in China with Wisdom”.

The appraisal and selection was launched from April, 2017, and Sanbot Elf, as one of the most advanced robots in the world, participated in the event. After serious of screening-out and selection from the good, finally, QIHAN Technology, together with Konka, Jaguar and other 15 enterprises gained the Concept Innovation Prize of the forth industry design Red Sail Award.

The winning Sanbot Elf is an advanced humanoid robot, with height of 90.2CM and more than 60 sensors distributing around the body such as PIR Body Induction, IR distance sensor, IR Sending and Receiving Induction, gyroscope sensor, touchscreen sensor, etc. The 360-degree surrounding sensing matrix design and the hidden sensors around the whole body creates the rich sensing abilities, which makes the sense of hearing, vision and touching sense superior to the competitors.

What’s more, Sanbot Elf is equipped advanced facial recognition, voice interaction, independent walking, object avoidance, auto recharging and many other advanced functions. HD Laser projector before its head, 10.1 inches visual touchscreen and the flexible walking system with three all-orientated wheels makes Sanbot Elf much more outstanding than other humanoid robots.

This time, Sanbot, highlighted among the 310 items from 226 enterprises, gained the Concept Innovation Prize. It not only was another approval of the continuous innovation of QIHAN Technology, but pushed QIHAN to go on with the further development and innovation for Sanbot’s artificial intelligence roboticswith prospective thought and vision and to accelerate the upgrading transformation from “Made in China” to “Made in China with Wisdom”.