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Unmanned Convenience Stores VS Intelligent Retail Service Robots

On August 8th, the first unmanned convenience store in Shenzhen, called WellGO, officially opened. People who enjoy going to stores and shopping can now experience something completely new and exciting.

WellGO is located in the Rainbow building and is the first store in Shenzhen based on ultra high frequency RFID technology, which is used in unmanned retail convenience stores for 24-hours a day. It is 12 square meters with 6 shelves, a curtain, a coffee machine, and roughly 300 different products. And the shopping processes are very simple: member identification, one step checkout and buy and talk away the product.

There is another option, a store with intelligent retail service robots. The Sanbot Elf robot invites guests to the store, adding to the fun. This robot brings the advanced solutions of “artificial intelligence robot”.

First, the design of Sanbot Elf is eye catching. A blend of advanced software and hardware with an elegant and aesthetic design attracts the attention of massive onlookers. The focus is to attract new customers.

Next, the functionality of Sanbot will please the customers. The commercial humanoid robots can entertain customers, advertise products, help customers learn more about the products, greeting customers, helping them find items on sale, and so much more. This enhances the experience.

It is worth noting that Sanbot will record interactions at the store. With Sanbot, management will be able to see what the customers like, which product required the most explanation by Sanbot, which product was bought the most, and even more product-related data. Sanbot advanced AI robot allows the store to collect and analyze big data.

From a current point of view, unmanned convenience store like this one can save this amount of manpower, rental costs, but the real savings are yet to be seen. The new retail store will service robot has a lot of potential and will create big changes in the world.

The AI era will eventually arrive, whether it will be here and gone in a flash or last a while. So, unmanned convenience store VS artificial intelligence robot, which one will you choose?