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Elites to discuss the big cake of intelligent service robot at WRC2017

The World Robot Conference (WRC) 2017 is on the way. The WRC event will attract the largest quantity of new generation innovative robotic products and the most passionate professionals and scholars in robot industry. What’s more, Chinese senior state leaders will attend the significant event.

There’s no question that massive highlights will debut at the conference. Among the highlights, there is one to be mentioned. On the afternoon of August 23rd, WRC2017 – Robotics Commercial Application Summit & the Opening Ceremony of the First Innovation Competition will be hold in Room A and B on the second floor.

Firstly, there are two heavyweight elites that will attend and share their points of views of the present robot markets and the future development of intelligent service robotics at the summit – Tan Jianrong and Pan Zhengxiang. Tan is the Chinese Academy of Engineering and was invited to be the Chief Scientist of QIHAN Technology Co., Ltd. in July. While Pan Zhengxiang is the member of IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) and doctor in HIT (Harbin Institute of Technology).

There are three features about the summit in the following processes:

One, at the summit, the subject is not how long we need to realize the all-sided intelligence, but it is the very problem each Chinese intelligent robot manufacturers care for: After such a long time development, how can the commercial robots for sale be combined and applied to the actual application scenarios?

Two, it is the first time that this actual problem will be talked about at this kind of large-scale world-class conference. At the WRC2017 – Robotics Commercial Application Summit, organizer will invite the robotics application operators to the stage and have a face-to-face communication, spreading their hearts to the robot manufacturers, robotic solution developers and integrators.

Three, most of the prediction and assessment of the future robot markets from the robot manufacturers are similar – Their marketing & sales planning transfers from B2C to B2B and the applications of artificial intelligence robotics in service industry require vertical operators’ further development by combing the industrial pain points and application scenarios.

So as to practice the essential to the summit, the guests are representative: including the investors to new robot startups, robot manufacturing enterprises and suppliers, robot operators who are digging out the marketing value and senior analysis companies that devote to the potential of advanced AI robots.

In addition to the points of views of robot applications and markets, the guests will perform live dialogs at the scene. When the robotic application operators throw out the question such as “The service robot is not as excellent as we expected”, how will the manufacturers, analysts and investors answer? And what are the other’s solutions of the robot when manufacturers inquiry the advantages and disadvantages of B2B and B2C in robot industry?

If you’d like to learn robot application market, listen to the robot leaders’ intelligence and have a live interaction with elites in service robot industry, come to attend the WRC2017 – Robotics Commercial Application Summit & the Opening Ceremony of the First Innovation Competition that is organized by (CAIA) China artificial intelligence robot industry alliance on the morning of August 23rd.

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Worry about robots’ threat is absolutely unnecessary

In the past few years, numerous media reports that the era of intelligent service robots has arrived. In fact, as early as 25 years ago, Chinese scientist and future scientist Professor Zhou Haizhong predicted in the “Opinions on the Robot,” with the progress of science and technology, especially the development of artificial intelligence and robot technology, the era of intelligent robot is coming, which will invigorate to the development of the manufacturing industry, and will provide new opportunities for the world economic development. Today, intelligent robots come out frequently and help with economic growth, verifying Professor Zhou’s prediction.

In the 21st century especially recent years, the tide of intelligent Service Robotics has been sweeping the world; various types of robots (including intelligent robot arms, intelligent humanoid robots, smart unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.) are paid attention to by the society. Because intelligent robots are of great use in the fields of manufacturing, construction, service, entertainment and medical, military, space and education, etc., experts even believe that their ownership and R & D level have become one of the standards of a national scientific and technological strength. Many developed countries, such as Japan, Germany, the United States and so on will consider the intelligent robots as a powerful promoter to their economic development. In recent couple years, Chinese intelligent robots are bursting out at a highest rapid.

However, the mixed feelings to the robots also come out among the people. Many people think that the birth of intelligent robots is a happy thing. For example, industrial robots can be flexible and efficient to improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce production costs in many aspects; the robots can also set workers free from the monotonous physical labor, making them engage in more creative work; In addition, Intelligent robots can take on a lot of dangerous jobs, many occupational diseases, work injuries and therefore need, which cost a high price.

On the other side, ”Robotics as a Service”, the customized intelligent robot can help people with their hi-quality life: care robots for the elderly, robotics education in school, retail service robot, robot in the hotel; rescue robot in a variety of dangerous occasions to show their talents and complete the search and rescue mission. And even some people think that human and intelligent robots will join hand in hand for a better future.

But there are some people who worry that one day in the future, the smart robots may transcend human beings on the IQ, and even affect the employment, or even threaten human being’s life and property. As some science fiction films depict: intelligent robots take the positions of human in more and more areas, and stand on the opposite of human beings ultimately, from a helper into an enemy. Incidentally, American inventor and future scientist Dr. Ray kurzweil has predicted that robots would be smarter than humans in 2045.

In fact, the worry about robots’ threat is absolutely unnecessary. Intelligent robots are not omnipotent. In terms of IQ, the current smart robot “IQ” is equivalent to 4-year-old children’s IQ, and compared to normal adult, its “common sense” is far worse. It can be seen, Dr. Ray kurzweil’s evaluation on the intelligent robot’s “IQ” is too high and his prediction is difficult to come true. Japanese robot expert Dr. Shigeo Hirose has said: Even if intelligent robots with “common sense”, and can self-replication in the future, it is impossible to bring a wide range of unemployment, not even a threat to human beings.

Dr. Zhou Haizhong pointed out: the robots can go beyond the human beings in the work intensity, computing speed and memory function, but it’s impossible to transcend human in consciousness, reasoning, judgments and other aspects; In addition, the robot will be smarter and smarter to service human beings and benefit human beings with the principles of action.

Whether it’s a happy thing or worried one, the arrival of intelligent robots is the inevitable result of economic development and technological progress, but also an important symbol of a country to achieve modernization. The advantages of intelligent robots are much more than the disadvantages, thus we should embrace them with open arms.