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How to Order the NFC Smart Paper Label?

NFC is a short-range high-frequency radio technology that operates at a distance of 20 cm at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Its transmission speed is 106Kbit/sec, 212Kbit/sec or 424Kbit/sec. NFC Label bring big convenient convenience to our daily life.

NFC Wet Inlay Sticker

Material:Paper, Coated paper, Thermal paper

Chips:213 , 215, 216, ultralight, f08, s50

Printing:CMYK offset printing


Chip:S50, S70, 215, F08, TK4100, EM4100, EM4200


Features:Waterproof , printable, ok to share datas with nfc phone

Crafts:Logo printed, bar code, qr code, Serial number

Size: R25mm, R30mm, 30x25mm, etc

Application:Smart poster, cellphone e-payment, event-ticketing

How to use NFC Tag Stickers?

You just need hover your phone over the tag, data will send to your phone directly, No need internal energy, no need battery, no manual pairing.

Encode The Tag With A Specific Action Trigger ( such as set up your alarm ), then YOU ARE IN!

Timeskey NFC Tags compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled cell phones and devices.

If you want to order,please contact