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UHF Anti-metal RFID Tag For Asset Tracking

RFID anti-metal tag is a such RFID tag which is sealed by a special absorbing radio waves material,it can solve the problem which the normally RFID tag can’t placed on the surface of metal,This is product can be waterproof,anti acid,alkali resistant,Anti collision and can be used outdoor,Will bavc excillent read performance when stick the RFID anti metal tag on the surface of metal.

RFID UHF ABS Passive Anti-Metal Tag

Our research and development of UHF anti metal RFID tags,the use of special circuit design can effectively prevent the interference of metal RFID signals,to achieve positive resistance to metal effects.The soft anti-metal electronic label can be used for the management of cylinders.

The Waterproof UHF Anti-metal ABS tag can effectively manage the cylinders of all kinds of dangerous goods by RFID. And can know actually the position,state and annual inspection and other information of the cylinders.Thus effectively trengthened the safety of the people’s property,while achieving the anti-counterfeiting of the cylinder.FR4 anti-metal label for multi-media applications UHF passive PCB anti-metal labels,with high temperature,anti-corrosion,anti-moisture,anti-collision used in outdoor harsh environment.

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