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Adhesive Anti-metal UHF RFID Tag for Asset Management

The anti-metal tag is an electronic label packaged with a special anti-magnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the electronic label cannot be attached to the metal surface. The product is waterproof, acid proof, alkali resistant, anti-collision and can be used outdoors.

Anti-metal tag

Applying a RFID anti-metal tag to the metal provides good read performance, even longer than reading in air. Using a special circuit design, this type of electronic tag can effectively prevent the metal from interfering with the RF signal. The outstanding performance of the real metal-resistant electronic tag is: the reading distance attached to the metal is farther than that without the metal, which is Excellent results of the overall design.


It is suitable for use in open-air power equipment inspection, iron pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel cylinder cylinder, product tracking of various power household equipment, asset management, logistics management, auto parts process management, slaughter line management, etc.

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