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What Convenience Does RFID Cable Tag Bring Us ?

RFID cable tie tag has a long reading distance, which is perfectly suitable for large warehouse management. For example, with a UHF cable tie tag and a UHF handheld reader, the reading distance could achieve 3 meters or above.

Nylon RFID Cable Tie Tag

Besides, UHF’ character of anti-collision makes it much easier in practical operating. Several tags could be detected by the reader in one time, so that we do not need to detect the tags one by one, which saves a lot of time.

Material: high quality RFID cable tie tag with material of ABS and nylon, it has a good performance in flexibility and toughness.

Application:RFID Cable tie tag can be widely applied in warehouse management, pallet, in-land transportation, cash bags, postal bags and case tagging.

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