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Why RFID Tie Zip Tag is Popular in Logistics and Warehouse Management?

RFID cable tie tags are widely used in a variety of applications where tying of items is required. The electronic label of the strap label part is in the outer position of the strap, and is not affected by the material of the strap.

The tie tags can be customized with 13.56Mhz or UHF Chips,Laser printing, silkscreen printing are available.Many colors available:green,blue,red,yellow,2 colors combined,etc.

RFID Nylon Cable Tie Tag


1. The reading distance is far, and the 8dBi reader can reach more than 8 meters.

2, tag recognition sensitivity is high, can support multi-tag recognition at the same time

3, the chip can be repeatedly erased more than 100,000 times, the data storage life can reach more than 10 years

4, using ABS package, with sun protection, dustproof, anti-soaking performance

5, fixed with buckle, easy to install, anti-disassembly, surface can be customized laser coding,

1. Logistics management

It mainly realizes real-time tracking management of logistics information, prevents unauthorized unpacking, and is suitable for container long-distance transportation tracking and container transportation vehicle management. It can also be used for container management, packing and sealing of port terminals.

2, warehouse management

It is suitable for fast and efficient remote automatic identification of items that need to be bundled, and realizes data processing and query statistics such as storage and inventory, and can also be used for identification management of small trees and flowers.

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