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Good Quality RFID Laundry Tag with Low Cost

With excellent reading performance and the highest thermal and mechanical resistance, this new UHF Textile Cloth RFID Tag can be inserted in to the narrow hams of garments and other kinds of textile products. These RFID Tags can be widely applied in hotel sheet/ Attached to textile/ Work clothing.

RFID Laundry tags are the most robust and cost effective textile tracking RFID tags in the world.These RFID Laundry Labels are ideal for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments, which is made of fabric, or PPS, or silicone for harsh environment.

RFID Laundry tags


This NFC RFID Laundry Tag is very rugged and fit specifically in laundry applications with high temperature resistance and aggressive chemicals.

They can easily be integrated in clothes without giving any disturbance.

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