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Massive Production for RFID Library Label

The development of RFID technology makes very thin chips can be embedded in sticky stickers, and the stickers are easily fixed on the books. This development is in line with the library information system, which provides a very beautiful library for creating digital and automated. Opportunity.

RFID book label features:

The high-quality and large-capacity chip data storage space stores the information of each book. The data can be read and written in the range of 0.05 meters to 1.2 meters without sight or direct contact.

The front-end products and system software of the system have good learnability and operability. In particular, the operability (convenience) enables the management personnel with the basic level of computer operation to grasp the operating essentials of the system through simple learning, and achieve the level of operation that can complete the task on duty.

Radio frequency (RFID) tags are stable and reliable, and can be used for more than 10 years. Temperature, light, and no impact on use, even if the label is dirty and the surface is worn, it will not affect the use.

Label writable information:

1) Book identity (ID number);

2) Book information (book title, call number, etc.);

3) the identity of the library to which it belongs;

4) belonging to the bookshelf information;

5) Borrower information;

6) the date of borrowing;

7) More other content.

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