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Where to Get Free RFID Library Tag Samples?

The development of RFID technology enables very thin chips to be embedded in sticky stickers, and the stickers are easily fixed on books. This development is in line with the library information system to facilitate the creation of digital and automated libraries. RFID Library tag meets with ISO14443A/ISO15693 standard, operating frequency is 13.56MHz.Each tag has a unique ID and stores user data.

RFID Library tag


Standard:ISO/IEC 15693/18000-6C

Chip Type :ICODE SLIX, Alien H3

Memory:128 Bytes,96 Bits


Reading Range:UHF:1-6m;HF:1-50cm (depends on the reader and working environment)

Other Features:Data Storage > 10 years

Re-write 100,000 times


Customization:Printing,URL encoding, Serial numbers,Web links, Designing,etc

Application:Widely used for management of books and files, etc. Its antenna uses flexible material for being convenient, compact and conceal.

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