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RFID Smart Logistics Solution

RFID’s container management system is to fix electronic tags on containers. The readers are installed at the entrances and exits of working vehicles or ports. They use non-contact information to read and write, and realize data and information connections between RFID logistic management systems.

The antenna and read-write device are installed on the container operation channel and the container lifting equipment. The long range RFID reader can read and write the information in the container transport to the electronic tag and connect it to the container management system to exchange data and realize the automatic identification and real-time of the container management.

The RFID-based container management system uses a UHF 900 MHz band system. Including installing 1-2 electronic tags at designated positions of each container, installing an electronic tag on each registered consignment vehicle (the electronic tag is generally installed on the front windshield of the consignment vehicle), and checking the port in the port to install UHF RFID readers at selected locations at the entrances and exits of the yards, and install readers on the stacker trucks and forklifts at the stacking yards. The stacker cranes and forklifts display readings on the driver’s cab display and bridge cranes at the port shore. The readers are installed on loading and unloading equipment such as port door cranes, site gantry cranes, container forklifts and container front cranes. During the operation of lifting containers, the electronic tags of containers are identified, which improves the accuracy of operations and improves work efficiency.