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More Info about the RFID Coin PVC Tag?

RFID PVC Coin Tag is a circular card that is laminated with a chip coil by PVC, similar to a work permit, a portrait card, or a bank card. It’s just different in shape, it can be coded, printed, with bright and matte parts.

Adhesive RFID PVC Coin Tag

Size:15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 30mm,or Custom.

10,000 or more can be produced according to customer requirements, any size of the round coin card. Other specifications below 10000 customers need to provide mold costs


Applicable to access control, public transportation, parking lot, identity authentication, attendance management, tickets, card payment, product identification, etc.

Available chips:

Common chips such as EM4100, MIFARE 1 S50, MIFARE 1 S70, I-CODE2, Ultralight, F08.

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