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Passive Writable LF / UHF Cattle Rabbit Pig Sheep Goat RFID Pet Animal Ear Tag

With RFID technology developed animal identification and traceability system, mainly for animal breeding, transportation, slaughter track monitoring. When the outbreak, can be back to animal breeding process. The health sector can through the system for possible infection disease with trace of animals, to determine its ownership and historical traces. At the same time, system to animals slaughtered from birth to provide instant, detailed and reliable data.

RFID Animal Ear Tracking Tag

RFID ear tag is especially used to sign large or medium size livestocks or animals, such as pig,cow,lamb,horse,deer,dog and so on. Apply in breeding population,epidemic prevention and control,meat quarantineall the field of information management for animals and livestocks.

Application :

Used in animal husbandry, laboratories, pet hospitals, etc.,which can be nailed to animal ears for animal management, population breeding, epidemic prevention, quarantine, cherish species tracking, etc.

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