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QIHAN Sanbot customized robotic solution for banking service

Specially designed for robotic services in Bank of China, Sanbot robot’s excellent performance not only receives acclaims from the bank’s leaders, but also attracts a large number of customer onlookers, taking the limelight. In the bank lobby, she is capable of customer voice interaction, identification, and product & business interpretation – a set of full business processes in bank.

The head of Bank of China in Guangdong province introduced first intelligent robot, which was proposed by Shenzhen Ezhome Cloud Computing Co. Ltd. Ezhome steamed up with Sanbot intelligent robot to help bank with intelligent transformation with customized banking solution.

Sanbot intelligent robot

Banking business is in the dominant position in finance industry and plays a great supporting and promoting role in the in economic and social development. With massive private capitals going into banking business and the rise of Internet finance such as Alipay and Yu’E Bao, the core businesses of traditional banks suffers huge hits; meanwhile, the problems of long-time queueing-up, complexed operation processes, probable bad attitudes and some other problems cannot be solved fundamentally. The transformation of traditional banks is imperative.

EZhome mainly offers intelligent, high-efficient, secure one-stop sales Cloud service to help small and medium enterprises with their management ability and gain more businesses, with its advantages of Cloud computing, mobile interconnection, big data, social network and other technologies, integrating advanced company applications. Besides, EZhome also provides intelligent robotic solutions for banks, state owned enterprises and governmental agencies.

Fused with superior technologies of EZhome into Sanbot’s ecosystem with Hardware-App-Cloud service, Sanbot Service Robots push forwards banks’ intelligent development. The intelligent AI robots take the heavy responsibility of customer reception, business shunting, business inquire and processing and business guidance, demonstrating the new orientation of banking business development with artificial intelligent services.

As financial agencies, it is crucial to offer financial services and help with consumers with their property management and artificial intelligence is the greatest engine for the development of financial agencies. Their bank transfers and property management allows them to get services from intelligent humanoid robots, and especially the intelligent data processing can help financial agencies to handle their general customer services and inquires.

Applied to banking system, Sanbot advanced humanoid robots are able to provide numerous innovative services for financial industry. Artificial intelligent robotics helps to improve business handling efficiency greatly in banks and the intelligent human-robot interaction can fulfill the innovative customer experience sufficiently; Sanbot can also record customers’ behaviors and realize the intelligence of multiple sources by analyzing big data intelligently.

Advanced AI robots that are applied in banking industry, through network and intelligent devices, help banks with the optimized innovation of business processes, enhance the communication and interaction with customers and improve banking efficiency. The intelligent service robots will be the sally port of banking industry’s upgrading and transformation, strengthening the core competitiveness of traditional banks.