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Sanbot robots played great roles at Global Innovator Conference

2017 Global Innovator Conference (GIC) was recently held in Shenzhen. The organizer invited the Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics and General Artificial Intelligence Association Chairman Ben Goertzel, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Wood · Clark and other well-known innovators on artificial intelligence, large data, precision medical, clean energy, intelligent manufacturing and many other topics to share innovative ideas. Artificial Intelligence Robot Han, Baidu’s Small Robot and QIHAN’s Sanbot Elf robot also attended the Global Innovator Conference. Sanbot robot played great roles at the event.

Compared to the bright stars of the global innovator lineup, the “black technologies” from the artificial intelligence star enterprises were more eye-catching.

At the entrance, as the autonomous robot security guard, Sanbot Elf monitored and guarded the special innovation products and experience area for 24 hours per day. All the guests first met the mighty Sanbot King Kong intelligent robot and they could be allowed to enter the room after scanning the electronic code; and its partner Sanbot Elf robot is responsible for the follow-up reception work.

The artificial intelligent products and intelligent robot with all kinds of shapes and functions showed that they would be the key parts in people’s lives.

It is true that the manufacturer and supplier of Sanbot robot is the practitioner of the “Wisdom Earth”. Taken the Sanbot King Kong robot as one sample, this robot integrates machine visual recognition, Multi-axis automatic control, big data analysis, which gained over 200 patents. Sanbot King Kong is capable of 5m/s walking speed and carrying 75kg cargo. While, QIHAN Technology hope the scenario is more imaginative, so the company open the technical standards of Sanbot robot and offer SDK and service document to attract the global developers and integrators, energizing intelligent service robots going to various industries.

The two-day Global Innovator Conference has closed. During the conference, 800 representatives from over 15 countries & areas shared their innovation achievements and experience. As far as we know, the conferences are held together by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of International Commerce, ABAC and CITIC Group, aiming to promote G20 to participate the technology innovation cooperation and practice the blueprint of G20’s innovation growth and action plan.