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China Merchants Bank to be a “light bank” with the help of Sanbot

The Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch is taking off on its “light bank” track with a ceremony in Shenzhen Futian CBD (Central Business District). Many leading representatives of commercial financial institutions and Merchants Bank attended the ceremony.  Sanbot, one of the advanced humanoid robots in the world, was invited to be the greeter at the ceremony, adding new intelligent elements for the new direction of the Shenzhen CMB branch.

China Merchants Bank is the pride of Shenzhen. 30 years ago, China Merchants Bank started the trend of Chinese banks becoming joint-stock banks. The Shenzhen branch is very important and founded in 1944 and has grown at a very fast pace. Because of this, on June 20, the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch officially moved to the Shenzhen Futian CBD. The ceremony consisted of many leaders of major financial institutions, cooperative listed enterprises, and government departments, all of whom were celebrating.

Sanbot service robot was the MC, arriving early in the morning to greet over 300 guests as they arrived one by one, reminding them to sign the wall and to play videos about CMB. Sanbot played music to liven the atmosphere (The song of China Merchants Bank). Sanbot also helped people order coffee.

Now, Sanbot serves as a greeter in the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank. The financial industry will pay more and more attention to the values Sanbot brings to the table, which is not only saving the bank time but also improving customer experience. Sanbot commercial robot for sale energize “Robot plus Finance” to bring great potential commercial value to fiscal development.

First, robots can help improve the efficiency of banking operations and reducing customer waiting times. Despite the increase in the speed of banking network services in recent years, but people are still waiting for a long time before they can be helped. This leads to irritated clients.   In this scenario, the Sanbot intelligent robots can help alleviate the situation. This is done by Sanbot providing customers with guidance, helping them queue in line, help with basic banking services, which greatly reduces wait times.

Second, the robot assists the bank in marketing promotion. Sanbot has a quite few advantages over a human namely, no deviation, no emotional fluctuation, and can work 24/7. Sanbot can continue to provide face-to-face business, consulting, and guidance services to customers as well as proactively introducing the bank’s new services, great deals, credit card services and letting the customer use their phone to connect to the bank.

Finally, in addition to these advantages, Sanbot comes with security features. QIHAN has the world’s leading security technology. Sanbot advanced AI robot can be combined with the current security system of the bank in order to achieve independent patrols, avoiding obstacles, audio/visual surveillance, alarms, and a series of 3-D security functions.

The president of the Shenzhen China Merchants Bank branch, President Yeu, said in in his speech yesterday that the opening of the new office building in the Shenzhen branch of CMB is a new starting point, which will build towards the goal of the “light bank” that will provide quality financial services for nearly 9 million customers, over 150,000 local businesses, and the general public.

The Sanbot robot has been given the honor to be a part of China’s Shenzhen branch new journey. In the future, artificial intelligence and innovative technology will help the banks to upgrade to the next level.

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The rate of Chinese AI robot’s facial recognition nearly reaches 100%

In recent years, scientific community has been seeking breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Especially at facial recognition looking for missing people, it has become a focus topic that whether AI technology can play a practical role in public service area such as missing people search and so on through hi-tech methods. It’s worth mentioning that Chinese Academy of Science has invented one AI robot and the rate of facial recognition nearly reached 100%. The intelligent robot has been applied practically in people’s lives.

It’s understood that, the artificial intelligent robot, named Xiaojia and invented by Wang Jinqiao’s team under Chinese Academy of Science, has the high rate of 99% at facial recognition. Comparing ID card and live image and under the condition of one hundred-thousandth false alarm rate, the facial recognition rate has reached more than 99%. And its rate reaches 85% under the dynamic condition.

Wang Jinqiao explained, “Xiaojia’s facial recognition adopts one low-power consumption and neural network algorithm based on deep learning. It is able to capture facial all-round structure characteristics and partial nuanced difference at the same time, so as to learn about individual facial structure.”

It’s introduced that, in practical application, Xiaojia’s facial recognition function has helped police to find out numerous litigants’ relatives. On Sep. 12th, 2016, in Song County Henan Province, a man saw the other one very similar with him and considered him his twin brother missing for many years, so he called the police. The police then collected both their facial images and Xiaojia AI robot finally checked out they are the right twin brother separate for 40 years. Earlier before this event on Aug 10th, 2016, an old woman in Ruzhou City could not find her home and didn’t take anything with her, then police collected the woman’s facial image with phone and input into Xiaojia’s facial recognition system. The advanced AI robot found out the woman’s ID within one second.

During last two sessions, Li Yanhong, the CEO of Chinese Baidu, proposed the concept of AI for people search, receiving extensive attention from society. With the continuous mature of artificial intelligence, facial recognition and its technical universality will be much more popular in people search and other public services. In the future, intelligent service robot, one of the best artificial intelligent carriers, will play much bigger role in people’s lives, both for home or commercial usages.

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Ebrun: Sanbot performs real services for businesses

[Ebrun] Imagine that: when you go into a supermarket, it is a robot that greets you, introduces you the latest promotional activity; and also, it is a robot that guides you to process membership card and the electronics coupons, and collects payment from you… Those are what Sanbot can do.

Adhering to the concept of “Robotics as a Service”, Sanbot intelligent robot is a robotic product researched and developed independently by QIHAN Technology. The robot is equipped with rich perception, including touching perception, RGB image, 3D image, PIR thermoinduction, IR, voice, gyroscope and touchscreen, etc. In addition, it is capable of voice interaction, touching interaction, gesture interaction, posture interaction, mobile App mobile control, etc.; Furthermore, Sanbot can perform semantic comprehension, facial recognition, independent voice location, auto charge, intelligent safety protection and more artificial intelligence. Since its debut, the open API humanoid robots have gone into scenarios such as family, commercial chain, customs inspection, banks and the public service area.

In commercial chain area, the latest version Sanbot robot, Sanbot intelligent shopping robot can take the work of attracting consumers, advertising promotion, guidance and interpretation, cashier assistant, membership card processing, remote shop keeping and intelligent management, especially for supermarket, retail shop and related scenarios.

Ryan Wu, the vice president of QIHAN Technology introduced to Ebrun, “In the offline shop, it does not really help retail with their businesses if a robot only attracts customers into the shops. Thus it’s not popular, not even to promote the transformation of traditional retail business or intelligent business. But now, with the mature of technology and the integration of scenarios, robot can play a bigger and bigger role.”

In the past year, Sanbot service robots were popularly used in retail scenarios including clothing shop, jewelry shop, clock shop and other middle-high-end area. The shops might not very large but their service satisfaction is important to customers. Sanbot helped retails with questionnaire, passenger flow analysis and staff check-in services, as well as production introduction and advertising promotion. In a restaurant, supermarket or convenient store, Sanbot offered services such as dispensing electronic coupons, customer reception, entertainment interaction, payment collection, membership card processing, etc. Ryan told Ebrun.

In generally, offline business uses robot to conduct standardized, routine and low extra-value work. Or you can say that, it does the job human staff would like not to. At this aspect, Sanbot can save much labor cost than human staff, it handles repetitive work with higher efficient and higher accurate than human staff. It does not feel annoyed and tired.

Another highlight of Sanbot intelligent robot is Sanbot’s most innovative business management system – MPS (Multi-service Platform System). MPS is a centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot robots anywhere. With MPS in retail, operator can manage all the Sanbots in the chain stores to perform customized task at defined time, such as promotional activity, lottery and questionnaire survey to record and storage passengers’ big data, etc., which could improve customer experience and retail service quality effectively.

What’s more, Ebrun also knew of that, exception for the commercial chain area, Sanbot programmable humanoid robots were applied in families and customization. For example, Xiaohai, the customized Sanbot robot applied for Chinese customs inspection, Sanbot robot for taxation, Sanbot robot in healthcare, and Guagua, the customized robot applied in agricultural management, in banks, and more…

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Asmag: Sanbot service robot offers open API

[Asmag] The artificial intelligence robotics is booming, with more and more companies vying for market share. For the most part, though, these companies have all been from US or Europe. But things are always changing: now a Chinese manufacturer has come up with a robotic product that claims to offer open API, allowing developers to customize it.

Sanbot service robot

Asmag: Could you briefly introduce your product?

QIHAN Technology: Sanbot, powered by QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd., is an intelligent Cloud-brained humanoid robot, one three-in-one ecosystem, which consist of Sanbot robot, Qihan Cloud service platform and Q-link mobile App. Sanbot is equipped with different types of sensitive sensors and reliable hardware such as 3D HD camera, 1080p display screen and 720p laser HD projector, etc. Integrating IBM Watson AI system, the robot is capable of human detection, facial recognition, automatic recharging, obstacle avoidance, voice recognition, localization and free interaction with near 30 languages.

One of its most advantages is that Sanbot offers open API, which allows developers to customize and program various applications in retail, hospitality, security, health care and education industry. Till now, Sanbot robots have been successfully used at the scenarios like China Customs, Shenzhen and Guangzhou International Airport, Audi Launch event, with praises and positive feedbacks from user.

What makes your product special? Why?

1.Powerful team: We now have more 800 working staff including over 350 senior engineers with numerous-year research experience. They have published near 1000 hi-level theses and gained around 100 domestic and international patents.

2.Reliable hardware and software: Sanbot humanoid service robots adopt world-class hardware and software from Harman/Kardon, Foxconn, Panasonic, Sony, IBM Watson Baidu and iFlytek, etc.

3.Open-API: We offer open API and SDK for developers and integrators, which means that Sanbot can be programmed and customized according to the scenarios where they’d like the robot to work.

4.Mass-production capacity and competitive price: With full automatic production lines, Qihan manufacturing Center has the production capacity of 1,500 sets per day. We offer quite competitive prices for our partners including AI carrier distributors, robotic solution developers and integrators and we are now recruiting more partners like these. But we can’t say a definite price as their application areas, order quantities and customized requests.

5.Applications cases: Sanbot service robots have been approved and used in Gongbei Customs for customs inspection and Tax all. The advanced AI robots offer customized services in Guangzhou-Baiyun international airport and Shenzhen-Baoan International airport. Now Sanbot customized retail service robot support cashier assistance, membership processing, electronic coupons dispensing and write-offs, etc.

What are the factors that you expect will drive demand for your product? Why?

Each partner or user wants their purchasing product to be functional, reliable and with cost performance ratio. Sanbot open API robot meets all these requests. With open API, Sanbot can bring massive commercial value for all the agents, robot solution developers and integrators.

The design of the robot appears rather conventional, although one has to say the company could have worked on the face a bit more. As far as systems integrators are concerned, QIHAN Technology pointed out that the openness and IoT characteristics should assist them when integrating with other devices.


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Travel on Move: Dialog with Lennic from QIHAN Sanbot Robotics

Chinese manufacturer QIHAN Technology presented Sanbot, a small humanoid robot of 93 centimeters. Dedicated to improving the customer experience and increasing business productivity, Sanbot, whose slogan is “Robotics as a service”, is one of the robots that could attract and serve passengers such as hotels and airports. Lennic Qian, Vice President of International Sales and Marketing at Qihan Tech, talks about Sanbot’s big goals.

Q: Why did you build a service robot like Sanbot? What are its objectives?

Lennic Qian: We built Sanbot to improve people’s life quality and customer experience, while bringing more profits to the companies. The intelligent autonomous robot performs daily tasks to enable human beings to concentrate on more creative tasks. Sanbot can help companies specializing in the Retail, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare sectors, friendly and accessibly. Sanbot is aimed to help with businesses and customer experience, not to replace human staff totally, which is why Sanbot is not very big.

Q: Facial recognition, Cloud, artificial intelligence … Can you tell us about the technologies integrated by Sanbot?

Lennic Qian: First of all, you should know that Sanbot has a public API. This allows the programmable robot to be easily customizable. In particular, we can add applications to its system in a very simple way. It is thanks to this API that Sanbot can be deployed in various industries. In addition, Sanbot is also connected to the Qihan Cloud platform developed and is linked to Sanbot’s unique matched Q-Link application.

At physical level, Sanbot is equipped with seven microphones used for location, recognition and voice commands. It has a security camera, three 3D cameras and two perspective cameras manufactured by Sony, allowing facial recognition, depth perception and interactions with the users. Sanbot has tactile sensors on the head, arms, back and chest allowing the user to wake up Sanbot and get different reactions from him. It has a 1080p definition touch screen provided by Panasonic and a 720p definition projector. Finally, the robot consists of sixty other sensors, including infrared sensors to detect humans and objects and a PIR sensor to avoid them, spatial sensors, and sensors connected to a remote control.

Q: You were in Innorobo this year. How did you live this fair, did it help you to forge partnerships in France?

Lennic Qian: Innorobo allowed our team and the robot to have very interesting exchanges with visitors at the show, especially concerning our future robot. We also had the opportunity to meet many end users from the tourism industry such as hotel service for example. They are also very interested in intelligent service robot, they think it very nice and cute … For the moment, we are still in the discussion phase and we will soon contact some of our prospects. We are obviously aimed to expand our partnerships.

Q: Sanbot has been adopted by two airports in China. What are his missions? How does Sanbot help staff and travelers?

Lennic Qian: Indeed, Aviation is one of the most high-demanding sectors. Thanks to the Sanbot API, the Guangzhou-Baiyun and Shenzhen Bao’an airports can program the open API robot platform according to their own requirements and thus integrate a system of loyalty points, ticket search and information on Flights, for example. At these airports, Sanbot is also responsible for relaying information on flights, shops and restaurants, guiding and entertaining travelers in the aisles of the airport. Sanbot even allows users to check in. Moreover, thanks to our robot, travelers have access to the Internet where and when they want. In short, our small humanoid interactive robot allows airports to improve the experience of passengers by answering the questions of the latter regarding their itinerary for example and to assist the airport staff in their tasks.

Q: At Innorobo event, we heard about a new robot under construction at QIHAN Technology. What will be the differences with Sanbot?

Lennic Qian: We are indeed working on a new model commercial robot, on which we cannot deliver too much information yet. I can only say that it will be 1 meter 40, for more accessibility and that the three main functionalities of this new robot will concern navigation and the positioning system indoors, a multi-modular function allowing him to fix an advertising screen, a printer, a tray … and the ability to carry objects weighing more than 100 kilograms.

Q: Finally, why should tourism companies adopt Sanbot?

Lennic Qian: As observed with the airports of Guangzhou-Baiyun and Shenzhen Bao’an, Sanbot can improve the service of any company specializing in tourism. The better customer service, the more attractive customers will be and the more likely they are to be loyal! And that Sanbot can make it.

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How Sanbot to improve people’s healthcare?

Beyond all question, healthcare is pretty IMPORTANT to both personal and the whole world. Sanbot’s designer and creator, with the view of point similar to the world’s smartest brain, knew well that the robotic technology could greatly benefit millions of people. Regarding healthcare, people should change their minds that healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot is ready to help elevate this vital industry. Here is how what Sanbot robot can be good to your healthcare.

Reduce wait time: It’s publicly known that, a crowded ER rooms in the hospitals with people franticly filling out paperwork and trying to get it back to the desk. Time is very valuable in a hospital. Sanbot can help calm the storm in the hospitals. The intelligent healthcare robot will help ensure that all patients get their paperwork in so they can receive the care.

Privacy: Whenever new technology comes out, privacy is in the top 5 list of concerns for people. For healthcare, privacy is especially important. Sanbot is committed to privacy. Qihan’s secure Cloud service will keep your records secure. If you do not want to use Qihan’s secure Cloud service, Sanbot is capable of using another cloud service without any 3rd party connections.

Simple diagnostician: A doctor’s time is very valuable, and it’s not productive to diagnose a simple ailment that can be cured using over the counter medicine. How do we help save a doctor’s time but also make sure people are directed to the right medicine? Sanbot helps. Sanbot programming robots can be customized and created to a questionnaire for people. The results help the patient find the right medicine. Sanbot will also be able to tell if the conditions are more serious than a simple trip to the pharmacy, so there are no worries about misdiagnosis.

Physical Therapy: Sanbot is not tied to reception or a patient’s room. Sanbot’s users are numerous. Sanbot can help people in physical therapy. Sanbot can broadcast healthcare knowledge via videos and exercise with a patient for a more enjoyable physical therapy experience.

Helping with children: Children are always scary in the hospital and even scary of white clothes. A cute talking robot to distract children from a doctor about to put an injection in me would have been awesome. With customized Apps, Sanbot intelligent educational robot tell children stories, educational materials to ensure children will not fall behind in their studies, and will help calm them down during stressful situations. Sanbot is programmed to help patients calm down if their heart rate has an abnormal spike.

Breaking down the language barrier: The world is getting smaller. In the 21st century, global travel is at its highest level. Unfortunately, sometimes you are in a hospital where your native language is not spoken. Powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot interactive robot is capable of incredible speech recognition. Sanbot also boats a language base of 28 languages, communication has never been easier.

Help doctors educate their patients: With Sony and Sharp’s reliable hardware, Sanbot can display videos/images on a 1080P 10.1 inch touch screen, or on a 720P laser projector. This will help doctors educate their patients on what is happening inside their body. Sanbot has a multitude of Apps connected to the Android App store to help doctors explain complicated medical talk so that the patient knows exactly what is going on.

Nursing care: Part of life is aging, and soon we all reach that age where we need a little assistance. 24-hour nursing care is expensive, but it is necessary sometimes. Sanbot can help relieve some burden off of you. Sanbot’s automatic recharging function means it can monitor your loved one round’ the clock. Sanbot can connect to wearables via wifi or Bluetooth. This allows Sanbot to monitor a patient and contact a healthcare professional if they are needed. The intelligent robot is easy to use, play movies, TV shows, audio books, and play games with your loved one.

Communication: This is a worst case scenario: Your loved one is sent to the hospital, but you cannot make it to the hospital for at least 24 hours. All you want to do is check up on them, see how they are doing, and tell them you will see them shortly. A telepresence robot is needed right now. Sanbot’s HD camera with the Q-Link app will allow you to express greeting and care to your loved one. Don’t let distance be a reason you cannot see someone. Sanbot will let you see your loved until you see them in person.

Centralized control: It’s time to remind the patients or their companions to take the patients’ temperature, medicine or a soft exercise. Yes, it’s right that time, not later or very soon. One or two nurses are not enough to inform all the wards immediately, not matter in person or phone call. Sanbot MPS can make it. MPS enables a doctor or nurse to program tasks to the robots in different floors or wards in advance. The robot will remind the patients by broadcasting, music or alerts at the set time.

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Forbes: Sanbot could create an entirely new business model in America

“One new player in the robot arena seems particularly well-poised to lead the acceleration via an interesting offering that could be a true game-changer in service and create an entirely new business model in the United States in the process”. That is what Forbes wrote about Sanbot robot.

Robot marketing and businesses are getting bigger by the moment, but it seems there are two major opposing camps.  The Anti-Robot team is fearful and sees them as nothing but controversial, while more are embracing the intelligent robots as industry saviors. Dubai in the UAE has use a robot to interview police candidates. Yes, it is Sanbot programmable humanoid robot with voice interaction powered by IBM Watson.

QIHAN Technology just released a Multi-Service Platform System (MPS) for its Sanbot robot that is unprecedented. The system actually enables businesses to manage hundreds of Sanbot robots from anywhere through its cloud-enabled, centralized system that brings personalized communications services to companies worldwide via an intelligent, cloud-enabled humanoid service robot.

Businesses can customize and create tasks for Sanbots on PC, Tablet or Smartphone over Qihan Cloud using an open API. Operators can then upload and share customized marketing content, audio, video or text files, all remotely. QIHAN Technology firmly believes that service robots are the ideal solution in retail, hospitality, education and healthcare, and that more and more businesses are turning to robots to facilitate their activities.

With the advanced hardware and software with Cloud service, the robot can capture and analyze data to help better decipher customer behavior since they can actually capture customer interaction via live stream or in a recorded manner. Such information can take marketing initiatives to an entirely new level.  And the intelligent service robotics is so good that any unauthorized actions detected will be sent by the robot via mobile phone or PC to business owners immediately.

The leading innovation expert lec Ross explains it best in his book, The Industries Of The Future.  In this work he explains that robot adoption rate in U.S. culture is slow based on a deep fear of a potential “threat of humanity creating things we cannot control.”

But if QIHAN Technology has its way, it seems that any fears will be overcome.

“We see a massive opportunity in America as the market continues to usher in new use cases from security to retail and telepresence,” says Ryan Wu, Vice President of QIHAN Technology. “As robotic features advance, including hardware and AI, interactions between human and robots will become the norm, much like the introduction of social media and the on-demand economy have transformed our lives over the past ten years.”

He continues, “Today, we live in an ‘always connected’ world and demand that technology matches our fast paced life. Intelligent robots like Sanbot are able to meet that demand and provide innovative features that not only improve business efficiency, but also enhance our day-to-day lives as well.” QIHAN Technology is definitely working to create an American footprint. Time will tell if we’ll see such things as fleets of robots throughout your average building in America.