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Can Hologram Anti-fake Cards Be Copied?

Can Hologram Anti-fake Cards Be Copied? 

Nowadays, anti-fake is very common in our daily life, and very important. As We all know, protecting products with hologram labels or invisible uv are an established way to fight back against counterfeiting, and this is because they are incredibly difficult to copy. We added a series of new products plastic PVC hologram anti-fake cards and invisible uv ink printing plastic ID cards , it is made by new anti-fake techniques and materials are constantly being introduced in the production of holograms making it increasingly difficult for holograms to be copied.

Today I would like to introduce our invisible uv ink printing RFID cards with hologram label. Our UV anti-fake hologram card is the use of UV ultraviolet ink to print invisible patterns. The bright fluorescent ink patterns can be seen immediately after using a black tube to illuminate in a dark room. The colors can be divided into blue, green, red, and chrysanthemum red. , pink… and other colors, can be customized. Re-printable available .

Hologram Anti-fake Cards/cr80-plastic-uv-anti-fake-ink-mf-desfire-ev1-2k-hologram-cards-for-government_p113.html

Available crafts :

Hologram、Punch Hole、Signature Panel、Gold/Silver Sprinkle、Hot Stamping(Gold/Silver/Rainbow/others foil)Spot UV、Magnetic Stripe、Thermal Transfer Numbering、Embossin Numbering、scratch-off 、Laser Engraving Numbering、Barcode、QR Code、Varnish Oil Finish、Anti-Fake Printing、Dand With Photo、Hidden UV Printing, smart chip etc.

It’s widely used in shop , hotel ,government ,school ,ticket, enterprises, bank, traffic, and so on.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more details .
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Mob/WhatsApp: +86-15814022871

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What Is A PVC Card?

What Is A PVC Card?

PVC card is a typical plastic RFID smart ID cards, the standard size is 3.375″ x 2.125″ (the same size as a credit card 85.5*54MM) and with 0.76MM thickness. It can be surely customized as client’s requirements. It’s usually laminated glossy, matte, or frosted. It widely used in restaurants, retail outlets, clubs, casinos, beauty parlors, cakes shops, medical clinics, fitness centers, advertisements promotion, event, party, ticket, etc. Such as membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, gift cards, discount cards, reward cards …

PVC Card

Here are some crafts for your reference:

  • -Barcode (DOD /thermal printing
  • Embossed /Engraving numbering
  • Signature panel
  • Scratch off
  • Magnetic stripe
  • UV spot
  • Hot foil (gold /silver /laser hologram /red /green or demand)
  • Anti-fake ink
  • OVI
  • Photo or depend on your need

Welcome to contact us directly if you want to know more details.

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What Is The Standard Size Of A PVC ID Cards?

What Is The Standard Size Of A PVC ID Cards?

PVC ID Cards are 3.375″ x 2.125″ (the same size as a credit card 85.5*54MM) and with 0.76MM thickness. It is most commonly the same as the plastic PVC cards. It can be surely customized as client’s requirements. The card surface finished usually glossy, matte, or frosted three kinds of laminated with transparent overlay we did. We also can use transparent PVC to print RFID smart cards for you, mainly divide into two type of transparent cards fully clear transparent and translucent.


There are some crafts for your reference:

-Barcode (DOD /thermal printing)
-Embossed /Engraving numbering 
-Signature panel, 
-Scratch off
-Magnetic stripe 
-UV spot 
-Hot foil (gold /silver /laser hologram /red /green or demand)
-Anti-fake ink 
-Photo or depend on your need. 

Please feel free let me know if you want to know more details.

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What’s The Technology Parameters Of FM08 Chip

The FM11RF08 is developed and produced by Shanghai Fudan company that it fully compatible with N X P’s S 50.

The FM11RF08 chip is also called for short M1 and F08.  In fact, the real name is FM11RF08.This chip has a high frequency of 13.56Mhz with great advantage that is fast sensing speed and high working efficiency, and more cheaper than original N X P MF S 50 Chip. Please allow me make the list about mainly technical parameters of this FM11RF08 RFID chip.

  • Storage capacity: 8Kbit, 16 partitions, two passwords for each partition
  • Working frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Communication rate: 106KBoud
  • Reading distance: 2.5~10cm
  • Read and write time: 1~2ms
  • Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
  • Read / Write : >100,000 times
  • Data preservation: >10 years
  • Dimensions: ISO standard card 85.6x54x0.84MM
  • Packaging materials: PVC, PET, PETG, 0.13mm copper wire
  • Packaging process: ultrasonic automatic line planting / automatic welding
  • Executive standard: ISO14443A

Finally let’s talk about its capacity, because it has 8Kbit capacity and password partition, it have a great security performance and the encryption method cannot be deciphered if you are not really  professional technician. In addition, it can be used for  ten years at least, and with best cost performance. It can be made RFID loyalty cards , membership cards for your shop and promotion cards for your business and others plastic rfid cards you want. Customized crafts and size are available, free design and blank RFID FM11RF08 cards or similar samples are for free.

Please don’t hesitate to email us or call me directly if you would like to more details.

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What’s Plastic Cards?

What’s Plastic Cards?

General speaking, plastic card is similar with the credit cards, it can be made by PVC material, or PET, PETG, ABS or PC material. ISO standard size is credit card size is 85.5*54MM with 0.76MM thickness. It supports offset printing, silkscreen printing or digital printing or thermal printing and inkjet printing by your printer.

Commonly crafts in the following :

-Magnetic stripe

-Signature panel

-Scratch off

-Embossed/engraving numberings



-UV spot


-Anti-fake ink

-Hot foil

-Smart chip or as your requirements

Off course,the shape or size customized are available as well.
We are offer different plastic cards, plastic RFID cards, plastic smart cards, plastic magnetic cards, IC cards and ID cards and so on.

Please feel free to email us ( directly if you want to more about details of our custom plastic cards.

Custom Printed Plastic Cards
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What Rre RFID Cards

What Rre RFID Cards

RFID card is a similar credit cards, is also called RFID smart cards, by enabling a chip embedded and an antenna in a card to communicate with a scanner via a radio signal. Most RFID cards are designed to contain a unique identification number that can be allows users to identify items. it can be divide into 125KHz low frequency RFID cards,13.56MHz hf rfid cards and uhf rfid cards and dual frequency smart cards etc.

The standard card size is 85.5*54MM with 0.76MM thickness, offset printing or silkscreen printing or digital printing are available. different crafts and size are customized as clients requirements. such as signature panel, magnetic stripe, scratch off, hot stamping foil, embossed or engraving numbering, barcode, encode data …

RFID smart cards

RFID cards are widely used in:
-Access management
-Tracking of goods
-Tracking of persons and animals
-Toll collection and contactless payment
-Machine readable travel documents
-Tracking sports memorabilia to verify authenticity
-Airport baggage tracking logistics
-Timing sporting events


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Cutsom the FM11RF08 Card 13.56Mhz

The Fudan FRRRF08 chip used in the F11RF08 radio frequency thin card conforms to the IEC / ISO 14443A air interface protocol. It has advanced data encryption and two-way password verification system, and 16 completely independent sectors, with extremely high stability and a wide range of applications. It is an enterprise card, water meter prepayment, bus storage card, highway toll, parking Field, community management, delivery card, park, highway and other preferred RFID products. Cards can be pre-printed at the factory with high-quality offset / screen printing, or personalized printing with a small printer.

Typical applications of FM11RF08 Card: corporate / campus cards, stored-value cards for highways, highway tolls, parking lots, community management, etc.

fm1108 card

More info,please contact

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NFC Technology Helps Anti-counterfeit Wine

As early as 4 years ago, Remy Martin announced that it will use a new high-security near-field wireless communication (NFC) authenticity authentication technology for wine bottle bodies, and this set has security authentication, bottle opening detection and consumption The new “Remy Martin CLUB Connected Edition” with multiple advanced digital functions such as interactive is the first to land in Shenzhen, China.

Remy Martin is currently the first spirit brand to have such a high-security bottle identification and opening inspection technology. This technology is mainly based on the unique tamper-proof NFC label integrated above the bottle stopper. Its security performance is equivalent to the authenticity authentication technology of the bank’s special level. The core purpose is to be able to 100% verify whether each wine bottle is genuine, detect whether the wine bottle has been opened, and after the sale of the bottle of wine can also be related to consumption Generate more interaction. These can be achieved through a smartphone APP specially developed for the “Remy Martin CLUB Connected Edition”.

“Remy Martin CLUB Connected Edition” will first appear in some well-known bars and clubs in China, and will be successively listed for sale. Consumers can experience the functions of the “Remy Martin CLUB Connected Edition” through a smartphone equipped with an Android system.

Tamper-proof RFID tags are specially designed, so any attempt to remove them will destroy the antenna and prevent the tag from working. A disposable RFID tag is designed to prevent the tag from moving between objects and locations. RFID anti-counterfeit labels are widely used in the forgery, anti-tearing and identification functions of alcohol, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tea, high-end nutrition, luxury goods, automobile glass and so on.

For more information about nfc tags, please contact our sales team : Email:

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More Information about Rfid Fabric laundry Tag

RFID laundry tags can assist in efficient management of textile, linen and garment assets. Combining the efficiency of real-time inventory management with the extended range and accuracy of revolutionary UHF tag technology, customers will greatly improve receiving, shipping, and tracking assets while keep their costs low by improving workflow and efficiency.

  • These Fabric RFID laundry tag utilize the materials Polyester fiber and antenna design, made to withstand with read range to 1-7 meters. The industry’s thinnest, washable UHF RFID tags are extremely flexible, soft and durable, ideal for flat linens and garments. The ultra-rugged nature of the tag’s design and materials is intended for long deployment, about 200 wash times, allowing the tag to be reused into another linen item within the intended life-cycle time, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • This RFID laundry tag was widely used in RFID Industrial washing, Management of uniforms, Medical apparel management, Military clothing management, Personnel patrol management.

More info,please contact our sales

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13.56mhz ICODE SLIX RFID Library Tag

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is the latest technology to be used in library theft detection systems. Unlike EM (Electro-Mechanical) and RF (Radio Frequency) systems, which have been used in libraries for decades, RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying, and materials handling.

RFID is a combination of radio-frequency-based technology and microchip technology. The information contained on microchips in the tags affixed to library materials is read using radio frequency technology regardless of item orientation or alignment (i.e., the technology does not require line-of-sight or a fixed plane to read tags as do traditional theft detection systems) and distance from the item is not a critical factor except in the case of extra-wide exit gates. The corridors at the building exit(s) can be as wide as four feet because the tags can be read at a distance of up to two feet by each of two parallel exit sensors.

The targets used in RFID systems can replace both EM or RF theft detection targets and barcodes.

Advantages of RFID systems

Rapid check-out / check-in

The use of RFID reduces the amount of time required to perform circulation operations. The most significant time savings are attributable to the facts that information can be read from RFID book labels much faster than from barcodes and that several items in a stack can be read at the same time. While initially unreliable, the anti-collision algorithm that allows an entire stack to be check-out or check-in now appears to be working well.

The other time savings realized by circulation staff are modest unless the RFID tags replace both the EM security strips or RF tags of older theft detection systems and the barcodes of the library management system – i.e., the system is a comprehensive RFID system that combines RFID security and the tracking of materials throughout the library; or it is a hybrid system that uses EM for security and RFID for tracking, but handles both simultaneously with a single piece of equipment. There can be as much as a 50 percent increase in throughput. The time savings are less for check-out than for check-in because the time required for check-out usually is extended by social interaction with patrons.

Simplified patron self check-out / check-in

For patrons using self check out, there is a marked improvement because they do not have to carefully place materials within a designated template and they can check out several items at the same time.

Patron self check-in shifts that work from staff to patrons. Staff is relieved further when readers are installed in book-drops.

High reliability

  1. The readers are highly reliable. RFID library systems claim an almost 100 percent detection rate using RFID  book tags.
  2. There is no false alarm than with older technologies once an RFID system is properly tuned.
  3. RFID systems encode the circulation status on the RFID tag. This is done by designating a bit as the “theft” (EAS) bit and turning it off at time of check-out and on at time of check-in. If the material that has not been properly check-out is taken past the exit sensors, an immediate alarm is triggered.

High-speed inventorying

A unique advantage of RFID systems is their ability to scan books on the shelves without tipping them out or removing them. A hand-held inventory reader can be moved rapidly across a shelf of books to read all of the unique identification information. Using wireless technology, it is possible not only to update the inventory, but also to identify items which are out of proper order.

Automated materials handling

Another application of RFID technology is automated materials handling. This includes conveyer and sorting systems that can move library materials and sort them by category into separate bins or onto separate carts. This significantly reduces the amount of staff time required to ready materials for re-shelving.

Long tag life

Finally, RFID tags last longer than barcodes because nothing comes into contact with them. Most RFID vendors claim a minimum of 100,000 transactions before a tag may need to be replaced.

More info,please contact