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How Sanbot to improve people’s healthcare?

Beyond all question, healthcare is pretty IMPORTANT to both personal and the whole world. Sanbot’s designer and creator, with the view of point similar to the world’s smartest brain, knew well that the robotic technology could greatly benefit millions of people. Regarding healthcare, people should change their minds that healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot is ready to help elevate this vital industry. Here is how what Sanbot robot can be good to your healthcare.

Reduce wait time: It’s publicly known that, a crowded ER rooms in the hospitals with people franticly filling out paperwork and trying to get it back to the desk. Time is very valuable in a hospital. Sanbot can help calm the storm in the hospitals. The intelligent healthcare robot will help ensure that all patients get their paperwork in so they can receive the care.

Privacy: Whenever new technology comes out, privacy is in the top 5 list of concerns for people. For healthcare, privacy is especially important. Sanbot is committed to privacy. Qihan’s secure Cloud service will keep your records secure. If you do not want to use Qihan’s secure Cloud service, Sanbot is capable of using another cloud service without any 3rd party connections.

Simple diagnostician: A doctor’s time is very valuable, and it’s not productive to diagnose a simple ailment that can be cured using over the counter medicine. How do we help save a doctor’s time but also make sure people are directed to the right medicine? Sanbot helps. Sanbot programming robots can be customized and created to a questionnaire for people. The results help the patient find the right medicine. Sanbot will also be able to tell if the conditions are more serious than a simple trip to the pharmacy, so there are no worries about misdiagnosis.

Physical Therapy: Sanbot is not tied to reception or a patient’s room. Sanbot’s users are numerous. Sanbot can help people in physical therapy. Sanbot can broadcast healthcare knowledge via videos and exercise with a patient for a more enjoyable physical therapy experience.

Helping with children: Children are always scary in the hospital and even scary of white clothes. A cute talking robot to distract children from a doctor about to put an injection in me would have been awesome. With customized Apps, Sanbot intelligent educational robot tell children stories, educational materials to ensure children will not fall behind in their studies, and will help calm them down during stressful situations. Sanbot is programmed to help patients calm down if their heart rate has an abnormal spike.

Breaking down the language barrier: The world is getting smaller. In the 21st century, global travel is at its highest level. Unfortunately, sometimes you are in a hospital where your native language is not spoken. Powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot interactive robot is capable of incredible speech recognition. Sanbot also boats a language base of 28 languages, communication has never been easier.

Help doctors educate their patients: With Sony and Sharp’s reliable hardware, Sanbot can display videos/images on a 1080P 10.1 inch touch screen, or on a 720P laser projector. This will help doctors educate their patients on what is happening inside their body. Sanbot has a multitude of Apps connected to the Android App store to help doctors explain complicated medical talk so that the patient knows exactly what is going on.

Nursing care: Part of life is aging, and soon we all reach that age where we need a little assistance. 24-hour nursing care is expensive, but it is necessary sometimes. Sanbot can help relieve some burden off of you. Sanbot’s automatic recharging function means it can monitor your loved one round’ the clock. Sanbot can connect to wearables via wifi or Bluetooth. This allows Sanbot to monitor a patient and contact a healthcare professional if they are needed. The intelligent robot is easy to use, play movies, TV shows, audio books, and play games with your loved one.

Communication: This is a worst case scenario: Your loved one is sent to the hospital, but you cannot make it to the hospital for at least 24 hours. All you want to do is check up on them, see how they are doing, and tell them you will see them shortly. A telepresence robot is needed right now. Sanbot’s HD camera with the Q-Link app will allow you to express greeting and care to your loved one. Don’t let distance be a reason you cannot see someone. Sanbot will let you see your loved until you see them in person.

Centralized control: It’s time to remind the patients or their companions to take the patients’ temperature, medicine or a soft exercise. Yes, it’s right that time, not later or very soon. One or two nurses are not enough to inform all the wards immediately, not matter in person or phone call. Sanbot MPS can make it. MPS enables a doctor or nurse to program tasks to the robots in different floors or wards in advance. The robot will remind the patients by broadcasting, music or alerts at the set time.